Tigo team up with Samsung to advance digital uptake in market

14Oct 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Tigo team up with Samsung to advance digital uptake in market

THE latest version of a foldable Samsung Galaxy smartphone has been introduced in the local market thanks to a partnership forged between Tigo Tanzania and Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Galaxy ZFlip3 and ZFold3 on display.

Tigo’s Device Manager, Mkumbo Myonga and Samsung Tanzania Manager, Suleiman Mohamed said in Dar es Salaam during the launch of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and ZFlip3, that the partnership is part of advancing adoption of fourth generation (4G) technology.

 “To us as Tigo it is an important milestone to partners with one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturing brand,” said Myonga saying Samsung’s endorsement means that the telco is the best in the market.

Myonga stated that Samsung’s latest smartphones are high grade gadgets which local consumers will find appealing because of improved technology used which beats peers in the crowded market of 4G devices.

“Our policy has always been to speed up adoption of digital communication by bringing the consumers notable global brand names such as Samsung,” he added while stressing that in order to facilitate communication, the two smartphones come with complementary 96 gigabytes lasting a whole year.

Backing Myonga’s observation, Samsung Tanzania’s Mohammed said introduction of the latest smartphone models by the South Korean manufacturer is meant to allow Tanzanians join the world of high tech digital communication.

“The world of telecommunication is undergoing rapid transformation due to investments being done by manufacturers in technology and innovation,” Mohammed said while noting that Samsung is a world leader in smartphone manufacturing and that the Galaxy ZFlip3 and ZFold3 are latest models released globally this year.

“With use of artificial intelligence camera, it is possible to virtually communication with friends and relatives wherever they are in the world,” he added while inviting the public to sample the two handsets to appreciate the technology used.

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