TMAA boosts revenue collection from artisanal miners

04May 2016
Grace Kambaulaya
The Guardian
TMAA boosts revenue collection from artisanal miners

ARTISANAL miners from four gold rich districts of Chunya, Geita, Kahama and Mufindi produced 54.82 kilograms of gold and 11,485 bags of gold ore valued at over 4.3bn/- last year.

Though big foreign companies dominate the gold mining industry, small-scale artisanal mining occupies a very prominent livelihood space in the country's economy.

Tanzania Mineral Audit Agency (TMAA) said in its latest report that the small scale miners also paid 185.63m/- in royalty during the year.

TMAA Chief Executive Officer, Engineer Dominic Rwekaza said in the report that collection of government revenue was enhanced during the year thanks to cooperation from Tanzania Revenue Authority and Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

“I would like to thank all staff at TMAA for their efforts and dedication in delivering outstanding performance during the year. Their skills, knowledge and ideas have been instrumental to our progress in terms of achievements, as they will be to our future success,” Eng. Rwekaza noted.

He expressed hope that this year’s performance will improve further as government remains focused on maximizing income earned from minerals.

According to the annual report, TMAA made significant progress in fighting against illegal mining, smuggling of minerals and deliberate tax evasion attempts by major mining companies.
During the year under review, minerals worth US$ over 1.51 million gold ore worth over 34.6m/- were seized in 25 operations while being smuggled abroad through Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro International Airport in Kilimanjaro.

“These events were reported to responsible government bodies for legal actions,” the report stated.

Eng. Rwekaza further noted that last year, the agency in collaboration with key stakeholders and other government institutions highly focused on comprehensive monitoring and auditing of mining operations across the country which made major achievements.

Among the achievements made include major mines paying Treasury US$ 65.8 million and 104.9bn/- as royalty and corporate tax respectively. Additionally, a total of 276bn/- was also paid as other taxes and levies for the period under review.

“Strategic audit conducted countrywide in collaboration with the Minerals Division facilitated collection of 6.2bn/- as royalty from the audit of production and sales of building materials and industrial minerals. Audit of mineral processors who use “vat leaching technology” to recover gold from tailings in Mwanza, Geita and Mbeya regions facilitated collection of royalty amounting to 3.6bn/-,” the report stated.

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