TNBC pledges to work on WB recommendations

29Nov 2017
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TNBC pledges to work on WB recommendations

EXECUTIVE secretary, Tanzania National Business Council, Eng Raymond Mbilinyi, has pledged to work on recommendations made by World Bank (WB) experts on the need to improve business environment in the country.

TPSF Executive Director Mr. Godfrey Simbeye

“World Bank officials provided us with different experiences in the context of public-private sector dialogue. There are many issues that require us to swiftly work on,” Eng Mbilinyi said.

He explained that for years, TNBC has been organising business councils from district to the national levels, “but the reports did not reach the targeted people due to challenges linked to communications. That’s why it is important for having proper link between private and public sectors.”

Recently, TNBC in collaboration with World Bank organised a seminar in Dar es Salaam in the context of public-private sector dialogue (PPD).

Senior private sector development specialist with the trade and competitiveness global practice of the World Bank Group, Steve Utterwulghe, said public-private sector dialogue contributes to economic development.

He underscored the importance of dialogue as it provides room for policy makers to hear from the private sector for better results in any country.

Utterwulghe said the move gives confidence to investors as they become aware of the country’s directions.

The official tasked TNBC and other players to address challenges facing the country’s private sector and the only solutions is to create platforms that will make them speak out.

The executive director of the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TSPF), Geofrey Simbeye was also quoted as saying that there is a vacuum between implementation of policies and laws, adding that policy makers should be helped  to understand the importance of  regular consultations between the private and public sectors.

He also said the World Bank is considering training the TNBC executive committee to help the committee to ensure the TNBC makes certain the knowledge the PSs will get reaches government and private sector officials.