Tourist Board Chair lures private investors to hotel industry

03Jul 2017
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Tourist Board Chair lures private investors to hotel industry

AS the country braces for an increase of tourists to a two million mark by 2020, Tanzania Tourist Board has encouraged private investors to put their money in modern hotel construction.


TTB Board Chairman retired HighCourt Judge, Robert Mihayo said privateinvestors should join the hoteland tourism sector because there ismoney to make in terms of profits asthe country needs more hotel roomsfor tourists.

Justice Mihayo made the call afterofficially opening Wag Hill Lodgeand Spa located along Lake Victoriasandy beaches in Mwanza City lastweekend.

“The increase of tourists coming tothe country depends a lot on availabilityof good hospitality facilitieslike this hotel, if they are confidentthat they are going to get first classreception they will come and comeso Wag Hill Lodge you have done avery commendable job for Mwanzaand for Tanzania,” Justice Mihayosaid.

He pointed out that the privatesector has every reason to borrowa leaf from Wag Hill Lodge investorsTourist Board Chair lures private investors to hotel industrywho are Tanzanian with good intentions to grow thecountry’s tourism industry.

The TTB Chair further noted that there are all types oftourists visiting the country each year but recommendedthat Wag Hill Lodge is a decent place for families thatneed quite private space to rest.

“There are so many hotels in Mwanza but you havebeen innovative, this is unique because of the attractionsyou have created, it’s really amazing. From the bottom ofmy heart and on behalf of TTB I commend you becauseyou have also considered common people who can stayhere as well,” the former High Court Judge emphasised.Speaking at the same ceremony, TTB Managing Director,Devotha Mdachi said she was amazed by the innovationand creativity of the investor at Wag Hill Lodgeadding that the board has all the reasons to promoteMwanza City as an outstanding tourist destination.

“You have designed facilities which must attract touristand for that reason many of them from around theworld and Tanzanians will come and stay with you. I congratulateyou for a job well done, this is good for you andit is good for Tanzania as a country,” Mdachi noted.

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