Toyota debuts latest edition of a SUV, Toyota RAV4 in local market

19Jun 2019
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Toyota debuts latest edition of a SUV, Toyota RAV4 in local market

A fifth generation of Toyota RAV4 Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) has been introduced in the local market by Toyota Tanzania Limited with improved performance and safety.

RAV4 Sport.

In a statement on Monday, Toyota Tanzania said the redesigned SUV reflects the car’s futuristic vision in that it comes along with TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) that strengthens the platform of the car to dramatically enhance performance and drivability.

Toyota Tanzania’s Director of Sales, Jatin Pandya said the new RAV4 is a true game-changer with unimaginable characteristics which have caused a big market shift. “Much has changed in the two decades since then. Compact crossover SUVs have grown in actual size and segment growth shows no signs of abating,” Pandya said.

“The new RAV4 is full of endless possibilities and is always ready for new challenges and experiences. It is a vehicle that stimulates your curiosity and aspires you to drive anywhere, anytime and as far as you want,” he added.

The all-new RAV4 2019 banks on its upgraded, more premium design paired with better performance and capability. Based on creating a ‘Robust accurate vehicle with 4 wheel drive,’ the new RAV4 development concept blends the power and sophistication of an SUV, achieving top-class generous rear cargo space and outstanding driving performance.

The fifth generation RAV4 also comes with a 2.5-litre and 2.0-litre engine with boasting 9 percent more power and 10 percent more torque. The ingenuity of the new model lies in the fact that despite its enhanced power, the vehicle is more fuel efficient, the statement stated.

“Noting that customer’s safety plays a major role in the Toyota business and values, the new vehicle comes with improved safety features that include anti-lock brakes which automatically sense when a tire has stopped rotating under extreme braking and will modulate the brake pressure to allow the tire to rotate thereby increasing the vehicles ability to turn while braking,” the statement noted.

For passenger safety, the RAV4 comes with front-impact airbags, side impact airbags and overhead airbags as well. It also has a security system and the vehicle is equipped with an ignition disable device that will prevent the engine from starting if the correct original manufacturer key is not used, Toyota Tanzania Limited’s statement added.

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