TradeMark East Africa women entrepreneurs funded trade project succeed

30Aug 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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TradeMark East Africa women entrepreneurs funded trade project succeed

WOMEN entrepreneurs have started manufacturing quality products certified by Tanzania Bureau of Standards which can compete in the regional market.

Financed by TradeMark East Africa and implemented by Tanzania Women Traders' Association, the project has so far witnessed more than 200 women entrepreneurs given knowledge and skills to produce quality products.

TradeMark East Africa’s Country Director for Tanzania, Monica Hangi said in Dar es Salaam on Friday during TWCC's exhibition which was also meant to congratulate women entrepreneurs who took part in the 45th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair, at which TWCC won an award that their products are not competing in the market.

“Congratulations to TWCC Chairperson, Mercy Silla and TWCC Executive Director, Mwajuma Hamza for a job well done. Many of these entrepreneurs now have TBS logo, they can sell their products abroad, they have reliable markets that is a big deal for us,” Hangi said.

She said TradeMark East Africa’s project had the goal of helping Tanzanian women traders to do business not only locally, but cross borders by securing permanent reliable markets. “Sometimes you can find a market but you no longer have enough products to continue producing but for most their production is sustainable,” she added.

On his part, TradeMark East Africa Women in Trade Project Manager, Elibariki Shammy also commended TWCC and their members for the success. “We are really happy, because we have supported TWCC, and they have proved to be very effective, especially in reaching out to rural women,” Shammy said.

He said when the project started, many of the women had no TBS quality mark hence failed to reach the larger markets and compete. “For example, there are women who now export cashew nuts to Uganda; there are women there who are exporting batik to Kenya. There are many women who have soap products or similar, they can sell them at supermarkets, because through this training, not only TBS, there is also a barcode issue, initially they did not have a barcode,” he said.

TWCC Chairperson, Mercy Silla paid tribute to TMEA for the supporting saying, “I would really like to take this opportunity on behalf of the directors of TWCC, all members, and business women in our country to thank TradeMark, East Africa, for their great support.”

“As you can see the number of women traders is increasingly, we are formalizing their businesses, we teach them to produce quality products, branding, we help then get TBS, and barcodes,” Silla added while noting that many others are still behind hence the need for TWCC to take them aboard.

“We are walking along President Samia’s foots steps, she argues, women to dare, rise, and do everything possible to succeed. Everything that a man can do, a woman can also do,” she noted.

Silla’s observation was backed by TWCC Executive Director, Mwajuma Hamza who also thanked TradeMark East Africa saying, “Thank you TradeMark East Africa, we have reached many women, since we started working with you, this project is for 5-years but now this is just the second year and we have already reached thousands of women.”

“For us through TradeMark, we believe we will continue to benefit, and these women will continue to do well locally and internationally,” she added. At the 45th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair, with funding from TradeMark East Africa, more than 200 women traders participated which enabled TWCC to be named among the best pavilions hence win a top DITF award.

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