Traders decry poor infrastructure at Igunga market

20Jul 2021
The Guardian
Traders decry poor infrastructure at Igunga market

MORE than 300 traders of Igunga central Market, in Tabora Region have appealed to their Member of Parliament, Nicholaus Ngassa to improve the market’s infrastructures for smooth operation of their activities.

Speaking at a public meeting called by the MP to listen to their complaints, the market’s Secretary Marco Gideon said the market was facing six challenges.

He said these challenges include unclean surroundings due to absence of a garbage truck causing heaps of garbage in the market’s surroundings, posing health hazards to traders and customers alike.

Another complaint is the drainage system for sewage, the situation that have made many customers avoid coming to the market for their needs.

He also said the market has never been repaired, including a new floor and painting for more than 40 years.

Other snags include lack of enough security guards, the situation that has spurred theft and pilferage of items for sale, lack of proper electrical infrastructures making many market areas to be in the dark during night time.

The last challenge is lack of water supply at the market thereby posing difficulties to food vendors at the market in their daily activities of food preparation.

Gideon told the MP that despite referring these challenges to the District Executive Director, nothing has been done so far.

For his part, one of the traders owning a butchery, Kisuda Ramadhani urged the MP to install doors to each meat stall for ease of customers adding that as of now customers have to pass through one door to access the meat stalls.

Thereafter the MP called on the district’s trade officer, Anthony Michael who was representing the DED at the meeting to speak.

Michael admitted the existence of the challenges at the market saying they touched many departments hence on Monday they will convene a joint meeting to look for ways to solve the challenges.

For his part, MP Ngassa gave one month to council officials to deal with some of the challenges at the market and pledged to bring back answers on 30 August this year.

He also told traders at the market he will solve some of the challenges himself using constituency funds, saying he will have the water supply connected.

He also called on council officials to deal with the challenges as quickly as possible, and if they ignore his call, he will address the regional administrative secretary for further steps.

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