Traders want machingas evicted from market

12Nov 2016
Abela Msikula
The Guardian
Traders want machingas evicted from market

Traders at Buguruni market have appealed to the government to evict vendors from the market in the ongoing crackdown on illegal hawkers trading in the city’s non-sanctioned locations.

The traders have been complaining for long over unfair business competition imposed by the tax-evading vendors locally known as “machinga,” accusing them of selling commodities at low prices to the detriment the traders who pay taxes and other including rental fees.

“we do incur a myriad of costs every passing month, ranging from water supply, security and electricity, while Machingas make huge profits at our expence,” Ally Abibu, the market chairman told the women’s rights activists who visited the market mid this week to assess the degree of violence against women typically notorious at market places.

“It’s like, this market has been reserved for machingas to hawk their cheap products at the market entrances or along the road, preventing clients from accessing to genuine traders inside the market,” he told the activisists from the non-governmental organizations (NGOs), namely Equality for Growth ( EfG) and Tanzania Media Women's Association (TAMWA).

This was a follow up visit by the NGOs after introducing the “Give, Sustain and not Abuse” special programme to fight female humiliation in Temeke and Ilala districts markets places.

He also reiterated the need for urgent market renovation, saying the building and the facilities that have never undergone repairs since establishment 40 years ago were too dilapidated to withstand torrential rains.

But when reached for comments on the traders’ appeal to evict Machingas, Ilala District Commissioner Sophia Mjema said the planned expulsion would also involve other traders without permanent trading places.

She said that the municipality continues to secure infrastructures in all designated trading places while taking records of the number of machinga to be affected in the relocation drive effective soon.

Buguruni market however has seen a decrease in women discrimination and violence for 75 percent; citing awareness campaigns and legal assistance as the reasons behind success,according to the activists.

Similarly, the market leadership also played a big role through a harsh punishment of Sh50,000 fines on wrongdoers, according to one of female traders Fatna Konzo.

“Currently, we are confident enough that we are also able to vie for various market leadership positions, previously seemed as taboo,” she noted.

EfG legal officer, Mussa Mlawa assured continued support to sustain the spirit for change, making market places fair and beneficial for all.

“Despite success we have attained, we will keep on sharpening our trainers of trainee teams for continuation of both education and legal assistants. This is to make everybody match with the market trading system given that every new comer has his or her ethnicity background,” said the legal officer.