Treasury hands over Basotu farm to Hanang for wheat production

19Nov 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Treasury hands over Basotu farm to Hanang for wheat production

AN over 5,000 hectares defunct wheat farm which has been under liquidation since 2004 has been officially handed over to Hanang District Council for revival to start operations.

Treasury registrar, Mgoya Benedicto (centre facing camera) speaking to Hanang District Council officials and Tadayo Advocates officials during a handing over ceremony of Basotu Wheat Farm to the district mid this week in Dar es Salaam. Photo courtesy of TR.

Treasury Registrar, Mgoya Benedicto said in Dar es Salaam mid this week that the 5,138 hectares farm which belonged to National Food Company was until 2007 under Tadayo Advocates for liquidation.

“But in 2007, the government changed its mind and decided to keep the farm and handed it over to Tadayo Advocates for liquidation,” Benedicto said while stressing that because of the nature of crop that the farm produces, the government decided to hand it over to Hanang District Council.

“I would like to thank Tadayo Advocates for having kept this farm safe despite facing many challenges,” he said adding that the farm includes 28 residential houses, two warehouses, six silos, an entertainment hall, tractors, milling machines and other properties.

The TR who handed over documents of the farm to Hanang District Executive Director, Jenifa Omolo for a short safe keeping while Treasury is completing a long term plan for future management of the property, challenged the district to make better use of it.“I also would like to thank Hanang district officials for accepting to take care of the farm for the time being while the government finds a lasting solution for its future,” he added.

Speaking after handing over the farm to the TR, Tadayo Advocates chief, Joseph Tadayo expressed appreciation to state officials for the cooperation given during the period under liquidation. He said because of being abandoned for a long period, the farm was often invaded by villagers who wanted to conduct farming activities. “The invaders who were mainly pastoralists also stole some property during the raids,” Advocate Tadayo who is also Mwanga lawmaker, said.

Other Nafco farms in the district including Gawal and Warret were also handed over to Hanang District Council while Satchet and Murjanda were privatised to Ngano Limited in 2005 and Mulbadaw was sold to Haydom Lutheran Hospital in 2006.