Turkish Cargo traffic surges in shrinking global market

13Apr 2019
The Guardian Reporter
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Turkish Cargo traffic surges in shrinking global market

IN a competitive global market, Turkish Cargo, a Turkish Airlines brand saw its haulage increase by 9.6 percent in February this year although overall the global air cargo sector shrunk.

A Turkish Airlines cargo plane taking off from Istanbul Airport. Photo: courtesy of Turkish Airlines.  

In a statement, the Istanbul based conglomerate said the air freight company steadily continues towards its goal of becoming one of the top five of the world’s air cargo brands.

Continuing its growth during the 2019 which also had the world’s biggest moving operation, Turkish Cargo managed to rise to the seventh spot in the World Air Cargo Data with 9.6 percent increase in its tonnage despite the 5.8 shrinkage in the air cargo market along with 5.7 percent fall in the demand according to International Air Transport Association reports during January and February.

Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee, İlker Aycı hailed the success saying the continuous rise of Turkish Cargo in the global air cargo market is undisputable.

“We can’t say that the success we achieved during the first two months of 2019 was a surprise. We continuously experience these exciting achievements especially in recent years. For instance, in the last two years, we rose from 12th place to seventh place after surpassing five big global air cargo brands from Europe and Far East,” Ayci said.

“Especially considering that the shrinkage in the demand for the market causes gloom in the sector with disappointing numbers, this success brightens the future of Turkish Cargo even more,” he added.

Ayci further explained that the airline’s determination and growth strategy in the air cargo market, is to be among the world’s top five air cargo brands. “I express my thanks to all my colleagues who contributed to this success,” the Board Chair noted.

Turkish Cargo also increased its market share in the sold tonnage by 0.6 points in the first two months of the year compared to last year and reached a growth of 4.3 percent while increasing its cumulative market share by 0.4 points to 4.1 percent.

With the recent shifting of operations to Istanbul Airport by Turkish Airlines, Turkish Cargo will continue its operations with Atatürk Airport and Istanbul Airport as dual hubs. After the completion of Istanbul Airport’s all phases, Turkish Cargo will have the capacity of handling four million tonnage of cargo in a year thanks to its cargo terminal with 300 thousand square metres indoor space.

Reaching 307 destinations in 124 countries with belly capacity of Turkish Airlines and additionally operating dedicated cargo flights to 86 destinations with its fleet of cargo planes, Turkish Cargo continues to increase its service quality everyday.