Twenty Junior Jumbo lucky kids get 30m/- school fees pay from CRDB

12Jan 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Twenty Junior Jumbo lucky kids get 30m/- school fees pay from CRDB

TWENTY Junior Jumbo account holders in the country have received 1.5m/- each as their school fees payment for new term having participated in a deposits and win campaign dubbed, ‘Tumekusoti Ada.’

CRDB Bank Plc’s senior manager for deposits mobilization, Abel Lasway addressing reports in Dar es Salaam this week when he announced that 20 Junior Jumbo account holders will get 1.5m/- each for schools fees after emerging lucky winners through a promotion dubbed, ‘Tumekusoti Ada.’ Left is relations manager for retail banking, Bupe Makibi and marketing manager, Elikira Nkya. Photo courtesy of CRDB.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam this week, CRDB Bank Plc’s Senior Manager for Deposits Mobilization, Abel Lasway said the campaign  which started in December last year involved children who are Junior Jumbo account holders.

“Junior Jumbo is a special account designed to enable parents and guardians save money for their children’s fees. This account is also aimed at cultivating a saving culture among kids,” said Lasway adding that the bank’s had received overwhelming support from customers.

He said many parents and guardians face a challenge of paying school fees after the end of year festive season when consumption takes centre stage hence the bank’s idea to come up with the promotion.

“The Junior Jumbo account is maintained free of charge, earns interest rate and can easily be opened by parents as conditions are less stringent compared to other accounts,” he added while stressing that the 1.5m/- fees money can also be used to buy school materials and cover health insurance for the kids.

Lasway urged parents who are yet to open the account for their kids to do so and avoid delaying their children to get back to class when schools open this week because of lack of school fees and other related expenses.

“Parents can open Junior Jumbo accounts for their kids from any of our branches but also through our digital platforms such as SimBanking, SimAccount and Internet Banking,” Lasway stated while urging parents to encourage their children to adopt a culture of saving from tender age.

The CRDB Senior Manager further explained that digitization has meant that depositing or withdrawing money from any CRDB account can be done remotely without the need to visit a physical bank branch or more on