Tz chart strategies to capture Africa’s cashew nuts market-official

26Sep 2020
The Guardian
Tz chart strategies to capture Africa’s cashew nuts market-official

​​​​​​​TANZANIA is mobilising to capture the African cashew nuts market due to the high quality of the crop it produces in comparison to many African countries and the entire world.

Besides, Tanzania is also on record of teaching cashew nuts growing to other African countries including Ivory Coast and Nigeria which were now doing well and have become the continent’s leading cashew nuts producers in their own right,

Following these developments Tanzania has now embarked on strategies to increase the country’s crop’s production by training farmers thereof in 17 regions aimed to capture the continent’s market due to its production of better quality of the crop.

This was revealed by a researcher from the Naliendele Centre of the Tanzania Agricultural Training Institute (TARI-Naliendele Agronomics Department) Kasiga Ngina at a training seminar for cashew nuts farmers from Kilosa and Gairo districts in Morogoro Region held in Gairo.

Ngina said statistics available from show that Tanzania is the fourth in Africa in cashew nuts production after Nigeria (900,000 tons per year), Ivory Coast (600,00 tons) and Guinea Bissau (400,000 tons), while Tanzania’s production stands at 300,000 tons.

“We feel uncomfortable that after teaching these countries cashew nuts growing, they have now become leading producers, that is why we have embarked in training our farmers so as we also increase production,” he explained.

Researcher of cashew nuts diseases from pests Dr Wilson Nene said the main reason for the country’s low cashew nuts production is failure by farmers to use modern quality seeds and continue using traditional seeds.

He said TARI-Naliendele has begun teaching farmers’ quality seeds from among 54 kinds of seeds produced by the Centre which can produce 20 kgs of cashew nuts per tree while traditional seeds produce only 11 kgs.

TARI-Naliendele Coordinator of Cashew Nuts Dr Geraldina Mzena said as for now they have come with new strategies in implementing the government’s directives to increase the crop’s production from 315,000 tons per year to one million tons through better farming practices and quality seeds in the country’s 17 regions that cultivate the crop.

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