Undertake research before farm production, stakeholders counseled

14Jan 2018
Beatrice Philemon
Guardian On Sunday
Undertake research before farm production, stakeholders counseled

AGRICULTURE stakeholders engaged in value chains have been advised to conduct research before they commence farm production.

Tomoni Farms Limited Operations Director Franklin Bagalla

The move would ensure that farmers, livestock keepers and fishers including other stakeholders avoid losses while maximizing profits in their projects.


Tomoni Farms Limited Operations Director Franklin Bagalla made the call at an agricultural stakeholders meeting that was organized by the Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT) recently.


He said agriculture value chain stakeholders needed to embark on the strategy to avoid losses due to lack of proper information on their businesses.


“Stakeholders in the agriculture value chain need to be familiar with the products that they intend to introduce into the market,” he said.


He said the move would ensure that their projects were well managed  due to demand for the newly introduced crop of livestock or other agricultural product.


According to him, stakeholders also needed to be aware of the processes of taking their product to the targeted market.


He said it was crucial to have proper information about the market before they started producing agro products.


“In a bid to help your products or services do well or be acceptable in the market, the product should be unique, convenient, very easy for your customer to get it, have a reasonable price and the quality required so that you can survive in your business,” he noted.


He called on livestock keepers, fishermen, farmers and other stakeholders engaged in the agriculture value chain to perceive agriculture as a business and register their companies.


Also they should have 10-year-long term plans for the business or agricultural activities they plan to carry out in areas where they are because agriculture pays once you have a good plan.


According to him, Tomoni Farm Limited was a wholly Tanzanian owned company and so far had 500 acres of farm at Tomoni village in Kibiti district and had developed 250 acres engaged in tropical fruits production.


“We use solar power, modern energy and water technologies for agricultural activities and right now a total of 150 acres of land is on irrigation systems and we tune and extend technology to small-scale farmers in areas where we operate so they can produce fruits that meet customers’ needs,” he noted.


Apart from that, Tomoni Farm works closely with smallholder farmers to help them shift from traditional farming systems to modern farming systems so they can produce their tropical fruits in accordance with the market requirement.

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