Ushetu district introduces cashew farming to spur economic growth

12Jan 2022
The Guardian
Ushetu district introduces cashew farming to spur economic growth

USHETU District Council in Kahama, Shinyanga region has introduced cashew nuts farming as part of its efforts to increase  internal revenues, to spur economic growth and enable farmers to increase their incomes through the crop.

This was revealed here on Monday this week by the Council’s Agriculture Officer, Paul Seni as he spoke to this paper by phone, outlining on the aims for the implementation of cashew nuts farming in the area.

He said cashew nuts is a new crop in the area and was first cultivate in the 2017/18 season in which 147 farmers planted 965 hectares and harvested a total of 1,300 kgs of cashew nuts.

In the following season, 2018/19 they distributed seedlings to 780 farmers who planted 1,020 hectares and in the third season 2019/20, 1,093 farmers who put 154 acres under the crop from two tonnes of the seeds distributed to them.

Seni said the crop has been cultivated in 112 villages in 20 wards by 7,346 farmers who planted 3,786 acres and who are now receiving education on cashew nut farming from extension officers in every ward, the task that is also being implemented by school teachers, all in making sure cashew nuts is given priority in the district.

He said the main aim is also to increase cash and food crops for more earnings to farmers, increase the council’s revenues.

Seni further said they have been facing various challenges regarding the invasion of the farms by livestock, shortage of rains, plant diseases and destructive pests.

He also called on village government officials to continue mobilising the people in the implementation of by-laws governing the destruction of crops in the farms from the invasions of livestock.

He added that the Council continues preparing farmers days in demonstration farms located in 112 villages in 20 wards and has vowed to cultivate 100 acres of cashew nuts in each village.

He added said as for now they are engaged in distributing cashew nuts seedlings to farmers who need to cultivate the crop.