Village executive ricks trouble over finances

17Jul 2019
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Village executive ricks trouble over finances

KALAMBO District Commissioner, Julieth Binyura yesterday ordered the police force to arrest and put him under custody for 24 hours Mau village executive officer, John Ndasa over embezzlement of funds.

KALAMBO District Commissioner, Julieth Binyura.


The VEO is allegedly to have spent over 1m/- that was paid by entrepreneurs to get the special identity cards.

President John Magufuli ordered issuance of special Identification cards (ID), will make it easy for Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) to identify them.

The identification cards were distributed on November 10, 2018 to all regional commissioners during a meeting, which involved President John Magufuli, TRA management and regional commissioners in Dar es Salaam.

The DC noted that some dishonest government officials at village and ward levels have been misusing the monies collected from entrepreneurs’ IDs, insisting stringent legal measures will be taken against them. She said the district has embarked on an exercise to inspect all the entrepreneurs and local government officials to know the exact number of IDs issues and funds collected.

The district Administrative Secretary, Frank Schalwe said the VEO was arrested over embezzlement of funds.

He said: “We have reports indicating that a good number of entrepreneur IDs have been issue but the officials have failed to deposit money in bank accounts”.

Schalwe added that the VEO will remain under police custodian until the monies are deposited in the bank. He said district depends on the funds to implement a number of development projects.

Kalambo District Executive Director, Msongela Palela warned public servants from spending public funds for personal needs, insisting they will all be tracked and punished according to country laws.

At least 670,000 petty traders with less than 4m/- capital across the country will be given the IDs.

The initiative comes following what the President said as many challenges that petty traders have been facing even after the TRA was told not harass them over taxes.

“I have told the TRA several times not to harass food vendors and hawkers as their capital is little to be taxed, but still TRA officials continue to harass them”, said President Magufuli.

He said each region will have 25,000 ID cards and the exercise will be ongoing.

The President also said that given the expense incurred in printing the ID cards, each entrepreneur will have to part with 20,000/- to get it.

President Magufuli also called upon the petty traders to find better places to conduct their businesses.

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