Village reserves over 6,300 hectares for food crop production

11Jun 2017
Beatrice Philemon
Dar es salaam
Guardian On Sunday
Village reserves over 6,300 hectares for food crop production

A TOTAL of 6378 hectares of land has been allocated for agricultural activities in Magubike village in Kilosa district, Morogoro region, to help people improve nutrition, raise incomes at the household level and increase food security.

This was revealed recently by Magubike village agricultural officer Iston Kutita when briefing members of the Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative (SUGECO) on what has been done by the villagers since farmers received training on good agricultural practices from SUGECO in 2016.

Of the hectares, 300 will be for cultivation of orange-fleshed sweet potatoes and white potatoes. He said farmers were expected to produce 450 tonnes of the crop in each harvesting season.

A total of 300 hectors have been allocated for yellow maize and white maize production whereby 4500 tonnes of the crop will be produced each harvesting season.

He said the remaining 150 hectors will be used for sunflower cultivation, and that framers will produce 105 tonnes every season.

According to Kutita, the training had brought positive results to farmers since they had shifted from traditional farming methods to modern ones. He said a thousand tonnes of nutritional food crops were produced by farmers.

“We encourage them to grow nutritious food crops so as to improve their health and reduce the risks of getting diseases which are associated with poor dieting and lack of vitamins,” he noted.

So far a total of 180 small-scale farmers have been trained on good agricultural practices by SUGECO with support from Farm Africa-Tanzania and Big Lottery.

Farmers were trained on how to grow orange-fleshed potatoes, yellow maize and sunflower. They were also equipped with knowledge on how to cultivate nutritional food crops and commercial crops to raise income at household level.

“I am happy for this support because farmers have been cultivating orange-fleshed sweet potatoes and yellow maize that can be used for domestic and commercial purposes”, he said adding that farmers were also trained on HIV/Aids.

He said that succesfuly 70 new farmers have been registered to perform the roles of agricultural officer on orange-fleshed sweet potatoes and yellow maize in the next farming season.

Currently Magubike village has a total of 11, 878 residents whereas 2, 087 among them were farmers.

Wellosya Mwegoha, a farmer from Magubike village, express his gratitude to SUGECO for training him on modern farming methods. He said he was expecting to harvest 5 sacks of yellow maize.