Virtual Advocate debuts standard document management solution

20Nov 2017
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Virtual Advocate debuts standard document management solution

BUSINESSES with a heap of stand- ard documents used regularly can now easily manage them with Vir- tual Advocate’s document solution launched in Dar es Salaam last Fri- day.

Virtual Advocate CEO, Nzaro Kachenje speaking to reporters during the launch of the company’s online document solutions management application in Dar es Salaam last Friday. On his left is the company’s Account Manager, Asha Bura and Application Administrator, Francis Lusinde. Photo: Guardian Photographer.

Speaking to reporters during the launch of the software, Virtual Ad- vocate CEO, Nzaro Kachenje said the platform can help banks, courts, insurance companies and real es- tate developers manage their docu- ments easily.

“This document management sys- tem is efficient, convenient and af- fordable to any business that has a myriad of standard documents used routinely,” Kachenje said. He point- ed out that the software is also able to facilitate sending of bulky docu- ments to multiple recipients at a go.

He said the software which was


developed for a period of 12 years by Indian, South African and Kenyan engineers first started as a tool for advocates and the courts but over the period it has gradually become a tool for many businesses.

“This is the first of its kind system in East and Central Africa which can manage and distribute differ- ent standard documents in real time cutting operational expenses by 90 percent.

This system reduces the need for multiple editing and dependency on lawyers,” he noted.

The Virtual Advocate CEO further noted that the system has already been tested locally and 10 compa- nies have already shown an interest to conclude a deal with his company which provides both training and in- stallation of the solution.

“We can’t disclose names of our clients right now but it is a fact that 

we already are negotiating with banks, real estate man- agers and others to adopt it,” Kachenje noted pointing out that his company will also provide backup services

to clients who buy the software which can also work on mobile phones.

The company will also use local engineers to maintain or upgrade the software in future as needs arise saying although it was de- veloped abroad, it can now be handled by locals.

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