Vodacom’s Hilda Bujiku, woman of many roles at the telco’s management

17Nov 2020
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Vodacom’s Hilda Bujiku, woman of many roles at the telco’s management

BEING a top woman management executive at the market’s largest telecommunications company, Vodacom Tanzania Plc, does not make Hilda Bujiku feel on top of the world but rather responsible for a myriad of roles.

Vodacom Tanzania Plc’s Managing Executive in charge of Financial Planning and Analysis etc, Hilda Bujiku.

Encompassing a number of roles as Vodacom’s Managing Executive in charge of Financial Planning and Analysis, Investor Relations and Company Secretariat, Bujiku is focused on her unique position which comes with a huge role to play.

She wears many related hats at the giant telco thanks to her academic and professional credentials which includes a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of Dar es Salaam and Certified Public Accountant.

An experienced strategic business partner with a history of establishing cross-function partnership and teams to deliver results using keen analysis, insights and team approach to shape decisions and implement best practices, Bujiku attributes her success strengths to an ingredient of attitude, focus and good old-fashioned hard work.

In a recent interview, the Vodacom senior management official said the key to official success, is teamwork and being open-minded team members.“I am lucky to have a brilliant hard working team around me who are committed and ready to challenge the status quo. These attributes are foundations of our success and the basis of getting things done,” she said.

Some people say, “We are who we are because of where we came from,” which is largely true in Bujiku’s life because her early childhood days witnessed her being industrious, focused hence developed an attitude of self-determination.

“Raising the standard and constantly challenging yourself will take you places. Breaking barriers and having an ambition is important in order to focus on achieving goals. I gained the spirit of self-confidence at an early age when I was engaged in home business while at school to support the family,” she recounts.

“Experience from my work as an auditor and later in the telecommunications industry have given me invaluable insights and knowhow in finance, compliance and the overall depth in the telco industry,” Bujiku stated while noting that during years of employment with Vodacom, she was lucky to work abroad like at Vodacom Lesotho where she was Finance Director for two and a half years.

“I gained invaluable experience in understanding norms and how to address some challenges in a constructive manner. I am proud of my achievements which include reaching our business targets and increasing value for shareholders at all times,” she bragged.

On advice to young people on what they need in order to succeed in professional life, Bujiku said that developing a habit of continuous learning will increase one’s understanding of the field that they are into hence give them confidence to perform.

“The profile of your skills is what will shape you with clarity in communication and messaging being very important. Understanding the business is crucial and in finance, understanding and interpreting the numbers is crucial,” she advised.

Commenting on the listing of Vodacom Tanzania Plc, which is the only telco listed at Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange so far, Bujiku explained that the moves means a lot in terms of shareholding structure.

“I am proud to be part of a company that is listed at Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange since 2017 because this means that the public owns 25 percent of our share value. This cements our local DNA,” she stated adding that being the only listed telco, Vodacom is also the only mobile operator that has complied with Tanzania Electronic and Postal Communications Act which requires that all telcos issue at least 25 percent of their shares to the public through DSE.

“This saw more than 40,000 Tanzanians became owners of the telecom giant and continue to enjoy its strong performance being getting a share of profits in the form of dividend. The listing also allows transparency while enhancing compliance both in terms of business practices and tax obligations,” she stressed.

Notwithstanding her busy weekly schedule, Bujiku finds time to do what she loves most, “I am a big fan of sports. I watch football, tennis, and formula 1 races. I also work out a lot and love music as well as shopping. I recently have taken interest in watching movies,” she concluded.