Vodacom debuts cloud computing technology targeting businesses

22Nov 2017
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Vodacom debuts cloud computing technology targeting businesses

BUSINESS owners and manager in the country can now heave a sigh of relief in managing their resources thanks to Vodacom Tanzania Plc’s introduction of cloud computing technology

Vodacom Tanzania Plc’s

Speaking in Dar es Salaam last Monday even- ing, acting Director for Vodacom Enterprise Business Unit Boniface Emmanuel said the technology is a solution for many o ces prob- lem of managing corporate data centres.

“Cloud computing is the avour of the day and we have managed to deliver world class cloud services, you need a service provider who understands all classes of services - from voice, business data and video to email and in- ternet,” Emmanuel said while introducing the new product.

He explained that cloud computing is an important technology product to businesses because it enables data to be easily outsourced and stored in a secure environment. “The data can then be provided as a service online, either

by subscription or on a pay on demand basis to customers,” the Vodacom acting Director for Enterprise Business Unit noted.

The company will provide infrastructure re- ferred to as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and includes hardware, storage, backup and archiving that exists at its state-of-the-art data centre.

“These servers (physical or virtual) are host- ed, managed and provisioned by us to provide our customers with the platforms of their choice in a variety of operating systems includ-

ing OpenSource, drag and drop additional serv- er or storage space) on demand and always-on access,” Emmanuel pointed out.

Among the main advantages of the technol- ogy is that it is exible, on-demand model that allows enterprises to rapidly acquire additional computing power only when needed although this presents signi cant security and audit challenges.

“Vodacom Tanzania gives customers the abil- ity to treat their cloud assets as an extension of the data center. This ensures policies and

procedures for regulatory compliance, and prudent business practices are enforced ubiq- uitously,” the company said in an earlier state- ment quoting Managing Director, Ian Ferrao.

With Vodacom cloud computing, a customer is guaranteed an always-on-service – stability and guaranteed uptime, with state of the art hosting environment. The service o ers ex- ibility, allowing users to add, remove, down- grade and/or upgrade resources’ ease of use and ability to start up right away, the statement concluded.