Vodacom in electronic payments promotional campaign

04Dec 2017
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Vodacom in electronic payments promotional campaign

SUBSCRIBERS of M-Pesa stand a chance to win airtime, data megabytes and hard cash if they use their mobile phones to make payments for goods and services.

Vo- dacom Tanzania Plc M-Commerce Director, Sitoyo Lopokoiyit

Launching the campaign last Friday, Vodacom Tanzania Plc M-Commerce Director, Sitoyo Lopokoiyit said in keeping up with the spirit of the festive season, the company wants to encourage its M-Pesa subscribers to buy things using their mobile phone wallets.

“Vodacom Tanzania will reward its subscrib- ers with instant money back upon paying by M-Pesa to merchants across the country,” said Lopokoiyit noting that the nationwide cam- paign aims at raising awareness on the bene ts of using digital nancial services.

He pointed out that using Lipa kwa M-Pesa platform, customers can also make payments to all networks and banks promising generous o ers including discounts.

“We want our customers to know that paying by M-Pesa is convenient and safe. You no longer have to carry large quantities of cash with you when making purchases. This means reduced time at ATMs and bank halls, allowing you to get more done with your day.” Lopokoiyit said.

Vodacom Tanzania’s M-Pesa service is a cat- egory leader in the country for secure money transfers and payments to merchants, retailers and distributors.

Vodacom Tanzania has expanded its net- work of retailers, wholesalers, and service pro- viders countrywide who accept M-Pesa pay- ments. Customers and merchants won’t incur any transactional fees on all payments made via M-Pesa, the M-Commerce Director assured subscribers.

Speaking on the convenience of M-Pesa pay-

ments, the company’s M-Commerce Marketing Manager, Noel Mazoya said making payments using mobile phone wallets saves customers from the risk of getting fake notes and robbery.

“All transactions are recorded and, with the high velocity of our system, long distance pay- ments are served better.

Also the issue of struggling for change when paying via cash is now a thing of the past,” Ma- zoya noted.

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