Vodacom MD still stuck in work permit limbo

15Aug 2018
Fumbuka Ng'wanakilala
Financial Times
Vodacom MD still stuck in work permit limbo
  • PASSING THE BUCK - Ministry officials dodge questions as Sylvia Mulinge’s name is missing from a list of more than 400 names whose work permit applications have been processed

SYLVIA Mulinge, the new Managing Director of Vodacom Tanzania Plc, is yet to take up her position as head of the country's biggest mobile network operator, nearly three months after the telco applied for her work permit from the government.

The 41-year-old Mulinge, who currently serves as director for consumer business at Safaricom, Kenya's No.1 telecoms company, was supposed to begin her new role in Tanzania on 1 June this year.

But she has been made to wait for her big promotion as her application for a work permit in Tanzania is seemingly stuck in bureaucratic limbo.

“The appointment of Sylvia Mulinge to the position of Managing Director of Vodacom Tanzania will be effective once a work permit is issued. An application for Mulinge’s permit was submitted to the respective authority on May 23, 2018 and its outcome is still pending," the Chairman of Vodacom Tanzania's Board of Directors, Ali Mufuruki, said in a response to queries from the Financial Times.

Mulinge, who is a Kenyan citizen, remains in her home country as she awaits for the determination of her work permit application in Tanzania.

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