Vodacom, Moovn Technologies debuts Uber rival transport services

10Jul 2017
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Vodacom, Moovn Technologies debuts Uber rival transport services

SUBSCRIBERS of Vodacom Tanzania Plc’s M-Pesa mobile money payment system can now book a taxi, boda boda or rickshaw sharing ride using a Moovn Technologies platform.


The service which ushers in a new rival to global transport sharing platform, Uber which has taken African cities by storm, will allow an estimated 12 million beneficiaries on the continent to share a ride and pay by M-Pesa. 

United States based Moovn is a technology platform that enables users to book rides on demand or in advance and even schedule deliveries using application, a statement from Vodacom said.

“We’re excited to align with a strategic partner and brand that complements our core values and mission to transform lives,” said Moovn’s Chief Executive Officer, Godwin Gabriel.

Gabriel said the strategic collaboration is not only the first of its kind for Moovn and Vodacom, but also aligns with both companies’ concerted missions to change lives. 

“The partnership aims to create jobs as well as economically uplift communities across Tanzania and further across the continent of Africa,” Gabriel argued.

In the effort to put safety at the forefront of their model; Moovn is also officially unveiling its in-app safety feature which will enable Moovn app users to setup and notify their emergency contact of their location and driver identification anytime during the duration of their ride.

Vodacom will provide free or subsidized data to Moovn customers as well as drivers to maximize usage and driver uptime.  

Drivers will get to enjoy a flat commission per ride model that includes an option for customers to tip. Consumers will enjoy Moovn’s no-surge pricing model, heightened safety features including the ability to share details of their ride with an emergency contact.

Vodacom Tanzania Plc Business Unit Director, Hisham Hendi said M-Pesa which has played a big role financial inclusion so far, will continue to lead in giving more Tanzanians access to affordable transport services.

“We are committed to bringing even more innovative solutions, providing businesses and government with a platform that is easy to integrate to and offer competitive remuneration for our agents and business partners,” Hendi said.

He encouraged customers to take advantage of the service also make cashless payments across the country with M-Pesa application. 

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