Vodacom offers bundles via M-Pesa

14Apr 2016
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Vodacom offers bundles via M-Pesa

VODACOM Tanzania, yesterday announced its latest offer dubbed: ‘Dabo Bando’ which allows M-Pesa customers to continue enjoying more convenient cashless options through the newly introduced option that empowers customers to purchase voice and data bundles directly from the M-Pesa menu.

Dabo Bundle (buy one get one free) offers customers a free bundle when they make a purchase via M-Pesa.
The number of customers using M-Pesa has increased tremendously in recent years causing the company to look at different ways to continue being innovative in its service offerings.

“M-Pesa continues to transform the lives of our customers and we are seeing more and more of our customers using our M-Pesa services.

From today, not only can our customers buy airtime via the M-Pesa menu, but also subscribe to some of their most favorite bundles directly from the same M-Pesa menu.

This is both convenient and offers them more value for their money. For every voice or data bundle purchased via the M-Pesa menu, we now offer our customer an extra bundle of the same kind for free with the Dabo Bando option,” said Sitoyo Lopokoiyit, Vodacom Tanzania Acting Chief Officer: M-Commerce.

The new offer will see Vodacom customers continue to enjoy the convenience offered by M-Pesa services, now with the option to buy bundles directly from the M-Pesa menu.

To buy a bundle directly from M-Pesa, a customer dials *150* 00# and selects ‘buy bundle’ then opts for ‘Dabo Bando’ or other bundles. The ‘Dabo Bando’ option would entail a selection of bundles eligible for the promotion.

This is just one other way that Vodacom ensures Life is Better, concluded the statement.

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