Vodacom starts distribution of 7.9bn/- dividend to M-Pesa subscribe

14Jun 2017
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Vodacom starts distribution of 7.9bn/- dividend to M-Pesa subscribe

M-Pesa subscribers countrywide have started getting their share of a 7.9bn/- net profit made by Vodacom Tanzania Plc during the first quarter of this year.

In a statement, the country’s largest mobile phone services company said the net profit will be distributed to an estimated seven million subscribers thanks to M-Pesa Trust Accounts earnings for the period January 1st and March 31st 2017. 

The quarterly exercise will see M-Pesa customers, agents and super agents receiving their share of the bonus earned as their share for using the service. Vodacom is sharing the profits in line with the requirements from the Bank of Tanzania.

With the current distribution, Vodacom will have distributed a staggering 77bn/- since it first started sharing interest earned from M-Pesa Trust Accounts held with various commercial banks in the country.

The company’s M-Commerce Director, Sitoyo Lopokoiyit said M-Pesa is an enabler for financial inclusion to all. 

“As we continue to lead in giving more Tanzanians access to affordable financial services, we are committed to bringing even more innovative solutions, providing businesses and Government with a platform that is easy to integrate to and offer competitive remuneration for our agents and business partners,” Lopokoiyit said.

He encouraged the customers to take advantage of the received funds to buy bundles and also make cashless payments to thousands of receiving merchants across the country adding that merchant’s payments have been made even easier especially when using a new M-Pesa application which provides simplicity of transactions’Lopokoiyit further noted that, the amount that one will receive as usage benefits depends on the level of activity they have had on M-Pesa since the last disbursement.  Such activities include transfers, airtime purchased, bills and merchant payments to name a few.

E-Commerce boss said,  company would continue with its commitment of improving lives of its active  customers’ lives through or innovation products and services, he also encouraged customers who have not recently used their Vodacom lines, to reconnect their lines and check to see how much M-Pesa benefit  share they will receive. 

Before the latest distribution, over 70bn/- had already been distributed to the wallets of M-Pesa customers in several phases which included usage benefits accumulated from inception of the service up to December 31st 2016.