WCF paid 6bn/- in compensation to employees

06Jul 2019
Beatrice Philemon
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
WCF paid 6bn/- in compensation to employees

THE Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) has paid 6bn/- in compensation to employees who sustained occupational injuries or suffered from diseases in two years.

This was revealed yesterday by WCF’s director of assessment services, Dr Abdulssallam Omary. He said the compensation was paid between the year 2016 and 2018.

Dr Omary called upon workers to submit their accidents and disease reports to the fund for assessment so that they are compensated.

“When it happens a worker is injured in the course of executing his duties, he or she must report the matter to the employer within 14 days. The employer will be required to submit the report to WCF within seven days”, he explained.

He added that early submission of the report will help the fund to make assessment as well as processing medical aid compensation. He said the fund pays compensation of different categories such as medical aid, compensation for temporary and permanent disablement and constant attendance care grant.

The compensation also includes rehabilitation services, funeral grants and compensation to dependants of the deceased employee.

He insisted on employers to comply with the country laws by registering at WCF, the thing would help employees when they got injured at work.

Explaining on the rehabilitation services compensation, he said the fund provides special healthcare services that help a person regain physical and mental abilities that have been lost or impaired as a result of occupational injury, disease or treatment.

“Rehabilitation services are provided to employees for easy recovery and enabling him returns to work”, he noted.

WCF was established under the Workers’ Compensation Act 2008 to provide compensation for employees injured or incapacitated in the course of employment.

The Act applies to all employers and employees from both the private and public sector in Tanzania mainland.

Under the Act, all employers are required to contribute to the WCF whereby private sector employers contribute 1 percent, and public sector employers contribute 0.5 percent of their annual tax bill for one year. Contributions are due on a monthly basis.

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