We're back, and we mean business

05Jul 2018
Fumbuka Ng'wanakilala
Financial Times
We're back, and we mean business

IN August 2006, the Financial Times suspended publication of Tanzania's leading weekly business newspaper until further notice. Almost 12 years later, the new-look Financial Times is being officially relaunched today - bigger and better than ever.

The Financial Times is being revived at a time when the media industry, not only in Tanzania but across the globe, is facing a number of heavy challenges. 

The business environment is fraught with uncertainty, but while this is not a desirable situation, it is well to remember that some of the world’s greatest businesses were launched during such challenging times.

It’s no secret that over the past decade, Tanzania as a nation has seen some very significant social and economic changes. But then again, the more things appear to change, the more they stay the same. 

The current challenges in the business environment and the national economy in general should serve to remind us all about the importance of having vibrant financial and business journalism in Tanzania. 

Cutting-edge journalism and in-depth reporting and analyses on business and the economy are still largely lacking in this country. And the Financial Times has returned in a timely manner to bridge this gap.

As Tanzania moves to industrialise its economy, the Financial Times will support the government and private sector in this endeavour to the hilt. We will cut through the jargon and complexity of economic policy, and strive to help our readers understand how various issues, events and processes can impact their livelihoods, businesses and the economy at large, both positively and negatively. 

In those past years, the Financial Times built itself a robust reputation for the reliability of its financial and business news. We will endeavour to build on that strong foundation by delivering insightful news, features, analyses and expert commentary on those issues, events and processes - both local and global - that shape the Tanzanian business environment and economy.

While striving to help our readers see and understand the Big Picture, we will also focus on the little things that make the big ideas happen. Every piece of the jigsaw is vital as Tanzania embarks on its journey to become a middle-income country.

Our newspaper will cover - on a weekly basis - a wide range of topics of both national and international importance, including (but not restricted to) construction, real estate, information technology and innovation, financial services, insurance, transport, mining, telecoms, construction, agriculture and tourism sectors.

The Financial Times will, therefore, offer an unrivaled platform for advertisers to enhance their brand awareness and move products and services to their niche target audiences. 

We will enable you to reach confident, informed consumers and decision-makers who are ready to buy, and by that we mean company CEOs, directors, managers, entrepreneurs, policy makers in government, politics and civil society, members of the diplomatic corps, academia, and other key influencers. 

The Financial Times is back and raring to go, because financial matters do matter. 




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