What government should do to make ASDP II viable – experts

11Jul 2018
Mtapa Wilson
Financial Times
What government should do to make ASDP II viable – experts

AS the government gets set to invest a total of $6 billion (about 13 trillion/-) in implementing the second phase of a grand agricultural programme, stakeholders in the industry say the authorities should also focus on putting in place a conducive environment for the programme to succeed.

The government recently announced its plan to pump money into the Agricultural Sector Development Program (ASDP) Phase II as part of efforts to boost agricultural production in a country of more than 50 million people. ASDP II is an initiative to bring revolution to the sector over the next five years, whereby 40 percent of the funds for the program will come from the government and the other 60 per cent from private sector and development partners.

ASDP II aims at stimulating agro sector growth to reach at least six per cent per annum, besides encouraging public and private investment. The initiative also aims to address critical constraints and challenges to sectoral performance, speed up agriculture GDP, improve growth of smallholder farmers’ incomes, and ensure food security by 2025.

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