WMA verifies 158 weighing and measures scales in Tabora region

24Jun 2019
The Guardian
WMA verifies 158 weighing and measures scales in Tabora region

WEIGHTS and Measures Agency (WMA) has verified 158 scales that are used to measure different crops before the buying cotton season starts in Tabora region, according to the authority’s official.

WMA regional manager, Mrisho Mandari announced when speaking during the weighing scales ongoing inspection in five districts of Igunga, Nzega, Uyui, Urambo and Kaliua. The inspection is carried out in the Agricultural and Marketing Cooperatives Societies (AMCOS) across the western Tanzania’s region of Tabora.

During the ongoing inspection, according to the official, no scale was found with measurement problems, the move that showed that players in the sectors are working in line with laws governing the sector.

Apart from the inspection, Mandari said WMA has been creating awareness campaign to farmers on their needs to double check the weighing machines before measuring their crops, noting that WMA certified weighing scales have been stamped with a special government sticker and special number codes.

He said that the move is part of the agency programme to ensure that farmers benefit from their rights to profits from their agricultural produce.

According to Mandari, the ongoing inspection is to ensure that no one is being cheated between the buyer and the seller.

Every year, the agency conducts inspection exercise for scales that are used to measure cotton, sesame, coffee, tobacco and other crops.

“But this time around we’ve started with cotton, because the season is very close. Our aim is to ensure that farmers get what he/she deserves, so that when he/she brings in 100kgs of cotton should be the same quantity and not otherwise.”

The official said that the law governing MWA operation is tough to the extent that if someone found guilty, the suspects will be required to pay a fine of between 300,000/- and 50m/- or serve two years in jail or both, in accordance with section 340 of the Weights and Measures Act, 2002 which was revised in 2016.

WMA is an executive agency, responsible for fair trade transactions through certification of weights and measures. It is the sole agency in Tanzania for enforcing the Weights and Measures Act No.20 of 1982.

Since 1999 and in pursuance to the Executive Agencies Act Number 30 of 1997, the WMA replaced the former Directorate of Weights and Measures under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The move was part of the Civil Service Reform Programme (CSRP) to increase efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery.

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