WMA director urges farmers to report culprits of tampered scales

05Aug 2020
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
WMA director urges farmers to report culprits of tampered scales

THE public has been advised to report unfaithful business people who tamper with weighing machines to Weight and Measures Agency so that legal action should be taken against such culprits.

Weigh and Measures Agency’s acting regional manager for Simiyu, Tuntufye Mkumbwa briefing visitors on the agency’s activities at the ongoing ‘Nane Nane’ Agriculture Exhibitions being held at national level in Bariadi District of Simiyu Region. Photo: Guardian Photographer.

The agency’s Director of Business, Deogratias Maneno said the practice is rampant in the country and has affected badly the public including farmers who are billions of shillings annually in commodity trading.

Maneno said at the ongoing ‘Nane Nane’ Agriculture Exhibitions here yesterday that WMA offices are available in all regions on the Mainland backed by a toll free call number 0800 11 00 97 to report such incidences.

He told visitors to the WMA pavilion at Nyakabindi Grounds in Bariadi that business owners have a responsibility to adhere to regulations that govern weights and measurements because violation of the same attracts hefty penalties including jail term and fines or both.

“The law is very clear on people who tamper with weighing scales or official measurement machines hence let me warn cheating business people against the vice,” he warned adding that according to the law people who are found guilty of tempering with weighing machines pay fines of between 1m/- and 20m/- if they plead guilty for a first time offence.

The WMA’s Business Director further noted that culprits who plead not guilty will be fined between 300,000/- and 50m/- or go to jail for not less than two years or both. “Second time offenders pay fines of between 500,000/- and 100m/- or imprisonment of not less than five years or both,” he added. He said currently WMA experts are examining water meters countrywide hence encouraged people to visit its pavilion so that they can get more information on all aspects.

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