Women urged to use custodial services to cushion investment risks

21Mar 2019
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Women urged to use custodial services to cushion investment risks

WOMEN have been counselled to use custodial services offered by CRDB Bank Plc to cushion themselves against risks associated with share trading, get investment advice and earn dividend routinely.

CRDB’s  Financial Services Manager, Masuma Hemed. Photo: Guardian Photographer.

The bank’s Financial Services Manager, Masuma Hemed said in Dar es Salaam last week during a meeting to mark this year’s International Women’s Day that women have shied away from share trading because of ignorance.

“Custodial services offered by CRDB are cheap, professional and very productive because clients get a package of our expert advice,” Hemed said while pointing out that the services also allows the client to get information relating to stock markets both at home and from the East Africa region.

He further noted that the custodial services offered by the bank also keeps investment records safe while enabling smooth inheritance in case the bearer dies. “It a better and professional way of keeping precious investment records,” the Financial Services Manager.

Speaking at the same meeting, Investor Relations Manager for Treasury and Stocks Markets, Mary Mponda called upon women to join stock trading and invest in Treasury bonds and securities through CRDB’s custodial services.

“This service is cheap and efficient but very profitable to the client whose investment is safe at all times,” Mponda said.   

She said once registered on the custodian services, the client is able to trace his share value, market behaviour hence make decisions on where to invest including access to East Africa stock markets.

“Through expert advice, women investors can make real time decisions on where to invest based on market behaviour,” she underlined. The custodian service also allows subscribers to get cheap loans with interest rate of as little as 0.2 percent using the stocks as collateral.

In closing remarks of the meeting, CRDB’s Director of Investments, Hilda Rweshane also advised women to seize investment opportunities available at the country leading commercial bank. “These opportunities will help you boost your earnings and improve your living standards,” Rweshane said while stressing that by virtue of their home management status, women are good investors.

She urged women to impart knowledge of stock market investment to their children so that they can adopt such a culture at tender age.




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