Women entrepreneurs appeal to Tanzanians to buy local products

22Oct 2021
Felister Peter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Women entrepreneurs appeal to Tanzanians to buy local products

WOMEN entrepreneurs working under the umbrella of Iloganzala Women against Poverty Association (IWAPOA) have appealed to Tanzanians to love and purchase locally made products as they are of high quality standards.

The women, most of whom are from vulnerable families, made the appeal at Alliance Francaise in Dar es Salaam recently when addressing journalists on celebrations to mark the world day for overcoming poverty which is celebrated globally on October 17th.

IWAPOA Chairperson, Paskazia Senzari said: “Our businesses were seriously affected during the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak; we couldn’t access markets over fears of being infected. The future is now promising as we have started producing various products with the support from ATD Fourth World.

ATD is an international movement of solidarity work among and in collaboration with the most excluded families. The abbreviation stands for (All Together in Dignity).

Senzari said that she started uniting women to fight against poverty in the year 2000, before the group was officially formed in 2008. She said they are also supporting vulnerable women from TABOTE women groups who have been trained on entrepreneurship, business and financial skills.

TABOTE stands for Tandale, Boko, Tegeta with a total of 23 members who are women living in poverty.

She added that IWAPOA supports poor women from six wards in Temeke District namely, Buza, Azimio, Charambe, Keko, Charambe and Yombo Vituka. The women including widows and people living with HIV/Aids have been trained in producing hand made products such as batik, soap, natural shampoo, handmade bags and traditional sandals.

IWAPOA has a total of 550 members in 11 regions of Mbeya, Morogoro, Moshi, Masasi, Lindi, Shinyanga, Tabora, Tanga, Mwanza, Iringa and Mtwara.

TABOTE chairperson, Ashura Mshana said: “We engage in entrepreneurship because we want to do away with daily jobs which don’t ensure a sufficient income to sustain a decent life.”

She said during the celebrations of the world day for overcoming poverty on Sunday—October 24th, 2021 to be held at Alliance Francaise, women will showcase their products and share experiences to inspire others to join the group.

“Women were left behind in many aspects; we now want to take part in economic activities and raise our own income,” she said.

Venance Magombera from ATD Fourth World said the NGO works in different disadvantaged areas of Dar es Salaam including Tandale, Mwananyamala, Magogoni fish market and the stone quarries in Tegeta and Boko.

“We have long relations with the communities in the specific localities built through trust and direct partnerships, disseminations of an international participatory research on the hidden dimensions of poverty and the support for income generating activities,” said Magombera.

He said that the introduction of the street library in areas such as Manzese has really helped to transform a number of children who were not ready to continue schooling. He said they are also assisting children from vulnerable communities to get birth certificates whereas so far a total of 700,000 children have received the documents.

ATD operates in over 40 countries; it was firstly established in Tanzania in 1990’s.

October 17 was in 1992 officially recognised by the United Nations as the international day for the eradication of poverty.