Zantel introduces ‘middle income’ status carry forward bundle

24Jul 2020
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Zantel introduces ‘middle income’ status carry forward bundle

AS the country celebrates ‘middle income’ status announced by World Bank recently, Zantel has introduced ‘Halikati’ bundle that allows customers to transfer remaining minutes and date from old expiring bundles into newly acquired ones.

Head of Zantel in Zanzibar, Mohammed Khamis Mussa (L) speaks during the launch of ‘Halikati’ bundle in Zanzibar earlier this week. Right is the telco’s head of mobile business, Aneth Muga. Photo courtesy of Zantel.

Speaking during the launch in Zanzibar this week, Head of Zantel in the Spice Islands, Mohammed Khamis Mussa said the offer intends to give customers more relief and ability to use remaining voice and data packages to allow customers have affordable communications services.

“Reliable communications services remains to be one of the key pillars towards development. ‘Halikati’ service is designed to ensure that our customers unlock all the potentials that come with communications especially in facilitating their daily activities from tourism, agriculture and fishing without being in short supply of airtime to cater their needs,” Mussa said.

He pointed out that under its slogan, ‘The choice of communication is yours,’ the Zanzibar based telecommunications company’s latest offer allows customers to utilise their hard earned cash to the maximum.

“The new bundle feature gives customers more value for their money with all the freedom to choose any package from the menu and enjoy unlimitedly communication through voice and data,” he added.

The new bundle which is the first of its kind in the market, comes as big relief to customers as many bundles forfeit airtime upon their expiry. In addition, it means customers will be in a position to save more money because they can purchase a new package and get all the remaining airtime from previous package.

“There is no need to wait until your package runs out, with this offer you just need to purchase a new package before the existing one runs out and you will get all the two bundles with more talk time, data and SMS,” said Zantel’s Head of Mobile Business, Aneth Muga who noted that the telco is committed to ensure that its customers remain connected as the country moves towards attaining higher income status.