Of Chato man and the need to come up with a new working system

24Jan 2016
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Of Chato man and the need to come up with a new working system

Although the Whisperer may not be that much close to the Chato man, given the kind of luggage he carries around on his back, he has the gut feeling that brakes may have been applied on the sitawaangusha man (I won’t let you down).

President John Magufuli

“What makes you think that?” Mr X asked.
“I cannot really explain it. But I have that feeling. What do you think about my feeling? Don’t you smell a rat in the air?” he asked.
“There are certainly many things in the air, but that has not occurred to me…what really makes you think that? After all, it’s for your own good. Imagine if he had continued making those impromptu visits in offices! Would you have survived with your weak papers?”
“You’re certainly right. But he needs to continue working, otherwise we would be in trouble,” said the Whisperer.
“I don’t understand you. Why?”
“You don’t understand that? He needs to work hard, just as he had started. Otherwise, the guys on the other side of the political divide will replace us. The threat is now real,” the Whisperer said.
“You have changed, man! Not the guy who barely a few weeks ago was singing this song about some people reading some numbers,” said Mr X.
“Stop joking. These are serious issues,” he said.
“I know. But I thought you feared him as he continued to unexpectedly pop up around government offices,” he said.
“Of course, I did. But things are not going on well for our party,” the Whisperer said.
“You mean the ‘father and mother party?” he asked.
“Yes, we’re already in okro soup. Two districts have gone to the opposition, just with a click of the finger. They now control mayoral posts in the Haven of Peace; can you imagine that?” asked the Whisperer.
“But that’s an understatement. More than two have gone to the other side of the political divide and they have vowed to make you small. You’re no longer going to tell the people, hawa watu hawana uzoefu (these people have no experience) because they are now going to show the Bongo world that they are loaded with experience,” Mr X said.
“You’re right. If they make good of it, the next elections are going to be very difficult for us. But don’t rub it on me. It pains. We have lost because of our own stupidity,” he said.
“It’s better you finally gave up more than this game you were trying to play, the game of numbers. You should have known that you had been outnumbered and outgunned,” Mr X told his boss.

“But that is politics,” the Whisperer said with a chuckle.
“No, old boy, that was the zenith of absurdity,” he said.
“You’re at liberty to say what you want,” the Whisperer shot back.
“Apart from losing those important districts in the Haven of Peace, what else is troubling you?” he asked.
“Young man, there are many things…”
“That includes what?”
“You see, we need harmony in the ‘father and mother party.’ Harmony is extremely important, especially at this point in time,” the Whisperer said almost to himself.
“But I thought you still have harmony. In fact, plenty of it; for otherwise you wouldn’t be telling us hapa sasa kazi tu. The very uttering of the statement means that there are tons of harmony in the ‘father and mother party.’ Otherwise, we would have already heard about problems from your end,” he said.
“But when you start hearing the people’s representatives within the party criticizing in public their own CEO over this or than in the name of pre-emptying the other side of the political divide in the forthcoming parliamentary session, then something is wrong,” the Whisperer said.
“But that is not a problem. I call it trying to reposition oneself. What you people need to know is that times have changed. As I once told you the other day, the other side of the political divide is now a living reality.
You ought to know that before it’s too late. As rightly noted by the son of the peasant the other day, you need to prepare yourself, this time for the mother of all Houses. Actually, this is the time you should have had the man of viwango and speed. Unfortunately, you ignored the old man who has now decided to call it quits, going by his own words, saying that he was going to work on his memoirs. I wish he could appoint me his ghost writer,” Mr X said.
“Do you believe in his story?” the Whisperer asked.
“Why not? Unlike other guys in your government, this man went to school,” he said.
“I know. He’s in fact a highly reputed lawyer and had a law firm which I’m told is no longer in existence,” he said.
“Aah, that is a lie. The law firm is still in existence. But how good is he as a lawyer?” he asked his boss.
“Few can match him in this country. The kind of lawyer who can tell you away from his office which precedent you can employ in your case at hand. The guy can tell you, ‘get this or that book on my shelf, this or that volume and you will find the case,” the Whisperer said.
“You’re kidding,” Mr X said.
“Ask those who have worked with him. The man is simply bad. Sometimes you wonder what drove him to the politics of the gutters,” the Whisperer said.
“It’s money, my brother. Money is the in-thing; pesa ni sabuni ya roho,” Mr X said.
“But there are plenty of it in law,” the Whisperer said.
“Probably, fame. Fame is another thing that drives these people, especially the monied ones. They have done everything in their lives. What is more left; they have plenty of money. But what they need now is recognition. And they can only get that in politics,” the Whisperer said.
“You’re absolutely right. Unfortunately, not in our kind of gutter politics where knowledge and experience are shunned. And that’s where we are - sinking,” Mr X said.
“And that is exactly why we want the Chato man to continue doing what he is doing,” the Whisperer said.
But just before Mr X could respond, he asked, “What do you think drove the former CEOs to the white house. Was it as they told the media, in order to support the Chato man on what he was doing?”
“The people on the ground say they went to feed the guy with their own version of developments. You can guess what that means,” Mr X said.
“That does not add up,” the Whisperer charged.
“Man, you have changed. I totally agree with you. The Chato man must continue doing what he is doing. That could lead to our salvation. But…”
“Why but?” the Whisperer asked.
“He needs to build a system. He does not have a system.”
The Whisperer was silent.

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