Bravo Mr President! for paupers’ Kingdom of Heaven

03Apr 2016
Nkwazi Mhango
Guardian On Sunday
Bravo Mr President! for paupers’ Kingdom of Heaven

Dear Mr President, Dr Joni Makufuli. How are you doing? Take note that you made my Easter. On top of bang and swig, you made me happy type when you spoke to the nation during your Easter oration.

You openly said that you’d like to see Bongo at parting of the ways with begging mentality your predecessors turned into a dosh-making venture not to mention a globetrotting opportunity.

You’re quoted as saying that Bongo isn’t a poor hunk that’d degrade itself begging pointlessly. Boozers love to hear such patriotic words if they’re not going to end up becoming a political mantra devoid of actions after stepping out of line. Despite being stoned, I fully concur with you.

Endowed with all such resources, our hunk should not depend on begging for handouts while there’s a lot of dosh that is lost in tax evasion, tax holidays, corruption, larceny, and doing nothing.

I wanted to say this: I was afraid people won’t take me seriously because I’m a boozer. If you seriously mean business, I’ll make a small contribution on how to make Bongo self-reliant. Make sure that you:

a) Take on corruption ruthlessly and steadfastly without looking at the monkeys in the faces. Up till now, boozers wonder why since you came to power, you’ve never touched Escrew that robbed their billions. What are you waiting for?

b) Revive the Warioba Draft Constitution that corrupt rulers butchered in order to save their necks. I’m sure you know how it was sabotaged and why.

Having clean constitution empowers you to take on all criminals legally and politically, for, it’ll seal all loopholes criminals use to rob our hunk.

You can take this to the bank. Under the currently rag-packed constitution, you may arrest and arraign some criminals to end up suing the government and getting away with the murder as it once happened when you intercepted a ship that was illegally fishing in our territory.

New constitution will help you to revisit all shoddy contracts the hunk blindly entered. c) Resume the code of ethics not only for public servants but for all citizens.

Everybody has to disclose her or his wealth and how it’s made. This will deter drug barons, thieves, corrupt officials and all bêtes noirs in the hunk.

I see them in many streets enjoying the loots without any fear of being brought to book. Even aggravated burglary that’s become endemic in the hunk’s geared by the absence of the code of ethics.

Remember how such crimes were rare under mzee Mchonga? It is simple. The system and its laws didn’t motivate or allow criminals to rob and comfortably spend the spoils as it currently is.

d) When everybody’s duty bound to declare wealth and the way it was obtained, it becomes much easier arraign all those found with unaccounted for property.

I sometimes wonder to see crooks and goons who were paupers yesterday to just wake up tycoons. Boozers would like to know how some rich clergy made their billions so as to own even choppers, mansions and oil guzzlers while the Lord they preach was a pauper who said that the kingdom of heaven is for the paupers but nabobs.

I know. You’re a good and practicing Christian. I saw you kissing the cross and one boozer called this shirk without knowing how complicated beliefs are. Whether someone kisses the cross or the stone, it is none of my biz.

Anyway, to jog your mind as I support my argument, let me quote Jesus who in Matthew 19:23 notes, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

I don’t want to use my own thoughts. Readers would pooh pooh them thinking are the views of a drunkard fella whose brain doesn’t work without bang and swallow to kick start it.

Didn’t Jesus say, “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God?” (Matthew 19:24).

If this is the case, why then are the viongozi wa kiroho wenye uroho amassing wealth? Whom are they cheated among themselves, congregations and God?

To drive my point home, I’ll speak prophetically today. There is a sage that says, “Blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh.”

Aren’t we blessing the donors as we curse ourselves? For more on this, you can read Acts 20:35. In sum, given that now you know why we’re poor, it is time to put your words to actions so that our hunk may become a donor to other poor and corrupt hunks whose leaders like begging and degrading themselves wantonly and pointlessly.

May God bless you? May God bless our hunk with this new spirit of self-consciousness and self-reliance? Did you read my Hello John Magufuli piece? I’d like it published in a book. Support me please.