This dreadful period thou..,

03Mar 2016
Salima Hamisi
The Guardian
The College Comfort Zone
This dreadful period thou..,

If there’s a period students become so loyal to their studies regardless of their never ending social activities then it’s this dreadful time-the exam period. During this period is when you get to know who is who in college.

There are some students who are always busy with something even some pity stuff that is so insignificant but during the exam period, everyone is present in college busy preparing and doing the final touches ready for the exams.

This is the time when the college is flocked with students like never before even those that only attend classes at odd hours.

College really exposes students to various activities but the main one being late preparation and examrevision. This has been a major problem that leads to enormous exam failure.

At this period, activities such as late night clubbing, partying and among many others are unheard of and rather studies commence from dawn to dusk leaving students exhausted and wishing this period pass by like the wind.

If there are students who love exams then be it, I think they are countable. Students hate exams to the maximum and I even wonder why we study so extensively and at the same time are never ready to get tested by doing exams.

During this moment, group discussions arise from even the oddest of students, personal studies broaden and when I talk of how the library gets flooded with students, then that’s another bigger issue.

For the late risers, study space becomes a problem due to the big number of students studying along the corridors, under trees, in classes, in the library and any other place. Early risers get the benefit of having studying space compared to the rest .

The college has never had a lot of students before than this period, actually if someone was to have a desire to meet all students and have a word with them, then this would be the right time.

This is because of the different composition of students that we have in college. The working class and the ever busy group that never attends lessons but are always around only during the exam period are the very people who flock the college corridors.

Actually if we studied like this every day then I think we would never have September conference victims, this are those students who fail to pass above the average mean set so have to come back during the period between September and October to prepare and later sit for supplementary exams.

However at this point that every student desires success and the very best for themselves, no one is required to mention the September conference as we all believe in our efforts and have faith that we are all going to do well.

A September conference encounter is just some other mistake that comes along the way.Besides the late night cramming, coffee sessions, discussions, personal studies with the slight cold that exists at the awe hours of the morning, students still manage to make up some naughty techniques of making the exam room way cooler than it should be.

The techniques include writing small papers that they hide then enter with as they get into the exam room, write points on the palms of the hands, ladies actually write on their body parts and another interesting one is the team work technique where students sit in groups having their brightest students in the group that they sit with in order for them to help out the not so smart students.

Every means that can be of help for any student to pass exams is used during this period because as for the lazy students getting lots of slides into their heads for the shortest time period is some hell of an activity.

There is some observation I made of late, ladies wear hideous clothing you know, the very tight skirts and dresses are unheard of this time, only long dresses, skirts are worn in order for them to find an ample environment to write some points on their body parts and not get easily noticed by the supervisor when in the exam room, yaay..!I think I have exposed a very confidential matter and I all I await now is my judgment hahahahaha…,

Anyway lets use the slightest means possible to help us escape the September conference because it’s scary though.

Studying for an exam alone with no friends to discuss with nor ask questions while the rest are at home enjoying their holidays is just a very painful experience so with all our might let’s work hard and if we get some other option then be it, let’s go for it.

As we sit for our end year exam, let’s do extensive revision and preparation, let’s build a close relationship with our lord too because we can never make it all alone, spiritual guidance is needed too.

Avoid any unhealthy lifestyle like staying up late in the cold with mosquitoes biting you up because been sick at this period should be the last priority in your list.

Those staying at home or renting rooms in the streets ,try and get to college as early as possible, avoid getting into the exam room late because this gives rise to panicking.

If you prefer studying at home or at whichever place to studying in college, try getting to college an hour before the exam. This helps you relax and built confidence of facing the exam room.

With all that said, don’t forget your student identity cards in order to avoid disturbance from the authority. I wish you all the best.

Pray, stay healthy, study appropriately and not so much that you lose the opportunity of having some good sleep.