The five most crucial questions in the world

22Oct 2017
Eliana Mwibari
The Guardian
The five most crucial questions in the world

PEOPLE usually ask themselves so many questions all the time and this happens mostly when they are faced with different life circumstances.


In most cases we fail to understand what exactly is going on and why we are going through such life circumstances, the reasons and the secret behind the happenings in our lives is also left unanswered.

I too have been countless questions circulating my head just like everybody else out there. All the same, I have come to realize that there are five questions which are most important questions one can ever ask themselves and if you succeed to answer them then you will understand and be able to live your life to your full potential and even make an impact in this world. So, today we are going to look at the five most important questions in the world.

Who am I? This is the number one and very important question that one has to ask themselves. This has something to do with your identity. You can always be yourself by understanding and knowing who you really are. I don’t know about you, but I am the child of the Most High, Creator of heaven and Earth. I am important. I am the daughter of the King of kings. So no matter what people say or think of me, that’s my identity, nothing and nobody can ever change that.

Where am I from? Now, knowing who you are helps you be yourself  and knowing where you are from helps you become whatever it is that you were meant to be, because you always become where you come from. 

Now, we have an issue here because the world tells a lot about what is our origin. We are being told that we came from monkeys; some say we came from gorillas and that we went through phases of change and, shamefully enough, we even hang photos on our walls showing the evolution of man and totally believe that we originated from monkeys. What a shame!!!! 

This question has something to do with your source, your heritage. God is my source!! I did not originate from a monkey or gorilla. God is my source. I am created with the likeness of His image.

Why am I here?  This has something to do with your purpose. Now that you understand who you are and what your source is. It is important to know why you were created, what’s your reason for your being here on planet Earth. It’s important to understand that you were brought into this world for a divine reason and that during your stay here on Earth you have to make sure you understand the reason for your being here. You are here to accomplish a mission. 

So what’s your mission? Have you ever asked yourself that question? When you were created, God had something in His mind that He wanted accomplished by you here on this planet and that’s why He created you. As the good book says, He knew you even before you were conceived in your mother’s womb. He also had and still has an assignment for you. 

So, don’t you ever think that you are an accident or you were born as a parental mistake, as some people say. We really did not plan to have this baby now, it was just a mistake. Awful belief!! God did allow it to happen so nobody is ever a mistake. And what you have to make sure is to find what your assignment is! 

As I have already mentioned, God did have something that He wanted and still wants you to accomplish here on Earth. What happened is as He created you He gave you a gift, or, in other words, He created you with a talent and that talent is to help you accomplish the assignment that He has given you. 

So, make it your number one goal to know what your talent is, and once you find it nourish it, develop it and, most importantly, bring it to the word to see and use because your gift is really not for you but for the world. It’s to help other people in one way or the other, it is meant to help change this world and make it a better place for all of us. I believe we are a bridge to one another and when you are a bridge you will bend your back and others will step on and get to the other side and they will eventually do it in one way or the other to help you  cross certain bridges to get to your destination. 

So, I challenge you to find your talent or your gift or, in other words, I can say find out what you are good at, something that you can do all day long without feeling tired and even if you have to do it for free you wouldn’t mind as it gives you joy, happiness and fulfillment. And the beauty of using your gift is that it will eventually take care of you and with this, I mean your gift, will make room for you and as a result of using your gift it will take care of you. 

I do like giving a simple example of the late Michael Jackson, such a talented man and after discovering his talent he brought it into life and he made history in the entertainment industry and will forever be remembered. So by entertaining the world he was able to make a fortune out of his talent. 

He died a wealthy man and there is nothing else that he ever did but just using his talent. So again what’s your talent? And you have got to quit looking at talents like singing, dancing, speaking, acting, modeling, etc, as the only talents. You might be talented at teaching or landscaping or cooking etc. Don’t give that up; don’t you ever think that you are unfortunate not to be a singer or an actor or a speaker. 

No talent is big or better than the other just understand that God never make mistakes He knew you and He has already laid a way for you. It’s just upon you to align yourself to what God’s plan is for you and you will be amazed how things will turn out for you. The holy book says that He will give you the desires of your heart but when you look at it He is the one who created those desires and kept them in your heart so He knows exactly want you desire. So, it is important for you to find what your talent is, bring it into life and it will definitely give you what you desire. 

Just like how Michael Jackson used his talent and brought it out to be seen and used by the world, it is your responsibility to do the same. Bring your talent into life and let it be used by the world so as to enable it to take care of you in return. Just imagine if Michael knew his talent and chose to hide it. We all can agree that he would not have made a fortune out of it, we wouldn’t even be talking about him right now. So, what is your gift and what are you doing to bring it into life? 

Over a period of time I have made a little discovery just by looking at a puzzle game, I hope we all know that game. When you look at a puzzle game it always has two layers, the underneath layer is always made of a complete picture and the top layer has a complete picture but made of small pieces, that in order for you to get a complete picture you have got to place every piece where exactly it is supposed to be placed in order to get a complete picture in the end. 

God, who is the Creator of this world, knows and has a complete picture of how the world started and how and when it’s going to end, just like the underneath layer of the puzzle game. And ever since the first man was created by God he was given just one piece of the puzzle and during his stay here on earth he had to find where exactly he was supposed to place that piece of a puzzle where exactly it is supposed to be placed. 

And you and I, each one of us has only one piece and during our stay here on Earth we have to find exactly where we are going to place that piece of puzzle that He gave us so as to help keep on building God’s furthest puzzle game. So, my question is: where exactly are you going to place your piece of puzzle? Are you making any effort to find where exactly your piece of puzzle is supposed to be placed? 

If you have not been doing that, then now is the right time to start doing that because, at the end of time, you would not like to be the one person still holding their piece of puzzle not knowing where to place it, or, rather, trying to force it in the wrong place. So find what your purpose is and accomplish your mission.

What can I do?  This has something to do with your potential. You now know who you are what your source is and what your purpose is, it is important to use your Gods’ given gift to make sure you make a difference into the human kind, I have explained deeply on the above question. So it’s important to use your abilities to play part into making this world a better place. Don’t be like the guy who was given a talent and kept it in a hole and when the owner came back he was found not to have duplicated the talent and as a result what he had was taken from him. So use your abilities to help others.

Where am I going? We all know that we are here for a given amount of time, we are not here to stay we are passersby, we are here on a limited amount of time but we all believe that there is life once our experience here on Earth is over. And the ticket to get there is fulfilling your task here and making sure you live a righteous life. Always try to do what’s right not only by you but also by other people. 

Do what you want others to do to you, treat others the way you want to be treated. Always be a person who helps bringing peace, love, wisdom, encouragement, helping paving ways for others with no return expectations. And by His grace you will be among the chosen ones.

So, I hope this helps you find your true identity and playing your part fully so that together we can bring the kind of changes that we want to see in this world by making it a better place not only for us but for generations to come. So, read; be inspired; be transformed and act, and together let us transform the world.