How decision making impacts your success in life

09Jul 2017
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How decision making impacts your success in life

ONE needs to analyze the factors that they are the main key to success, and making such a decision on what one wants to do to succeed is the right path to reaching their life dreams.


As the saying goes, ‘A dream for success is just a dream and will continue to be just a dream if one does not make the decision to follow it up’. People often say that if you want to succeed you have got to make the jump.

Looking at the word ‘decision,’ it means a choice or judgment that you make after thinking and coming up with the best thing to do to succeed. Or it can mean the ability to decide clearly and quickly. 

So, making the right decision about your life and ensuring that you reach at the top of your success the right choices are key.

Firstly, only having a dream and setting goals is not enough, for when you reach the point of going for your dreams and goals is when you actually begin to move towards your success.

I would like to share a short story that I once heard and which literary changed my life at that very moment I heard it. In fact, it’s the reason I do what I am doing today and it keeps me moving forward every single day. One successful American actor, comedian and TV personnel called Steve Harvey once talked about how to make a jump into life for one to succeed. 

He said that one thing that all successful people do, including all of us, is to make a jump. Believe it or not, every successful person on this planet has jumped. You eventually have to make a jump at a certain point in your life, for you cannot just exist in this life; you have got to try to live. 

If you wake up and think that there have to be more out of life than what you actually have at the moment, then believe that there is. Believe without a shadow of doubt in your heart that there is more out of life and that it’s your right to have it. However, to get to that life you have got to make the jump. 

He goes on to explain that when God created all of us he gave each and every one of us a gift at birth. God never created a human soul without a gift. 

You have got to quit looking at gifts like singing, dancing speaking, acting or being an athlete as the only gifts in life. There is far more than that. It does not matter if it is baking, landscaping, shoe repairing, farming or cooking. If you focus on your gift and stop looking at other people’s gifts out there your gift will make room for you, no matter what. 

Harvey went on to give an example. He said take life as a cliff and we are all standing at that cliff. In order for you to get to the kind of success that you want you have got to make a jump to go for it.

You have to put your fear aside and make that jump and pull the code so that your parachute will open for you to be able to fly. By this he means that in order for you to be successful you have got to make a decision which he terms as a jump; and when he talks about a parachute he refers to the gift that you were born with.

 So, if you make a decision to go for your dream by using the gift or talent that God created you with, success will eventually come. He goes to explain that you may choose to play it safe and stay at the cliff, scared of making that jump. But your parachute will never ever open - and this is the trap that the majority of the people in the world are in.

People are scared to make the decision to go for their dreams, as a result they are doomed to wallow in extreme poverty. He sums up by advising that in order for you to succeed just jump. Go for what it is that you want, use your abilities in what you are gifted at to get to the success that you want in your life. That’s the only way there is; there is no short cut. 

Don’t just stand at the cliff and watch other people take that jump of faith and get successful and then you start feeling jealous about them. They took the risk - and so can you if you want to get there. 

You see, other people being able to build good houses, to buy flashy cars, to  have their own companies and to send their children to good schools, etc, and you are wondering how they make it; why it is not happening to you, what are they doing differently -  and all other questions. 

Has it ever occurred to you that you are the problem? You stand in your own way by not making that tough decision to go after your dreams in order for you to be successful in life. 

It’s time you stopped procrastinating and make that decision because it is possible for you to live the life you have always dreamed of. In fact it’s  your divine right to live it, but you have got to make the decision to go for it’ You have got to jump.