Magufuli: Tanzania’s new dawn

12Feb 2016
Novatus Rweyemamu
The Guardian
Magufuli: Tanzania’s new dawn

They say the darkest hour is just before the dawn. President Dr John Pombe Joseph Magufuli is that dawn, spreading visibility all over Tanzania, setting Tanzania on a journey of self-discovery with the intention of covering more kilometres on much less unadulterated fuel.

I must, at the outset, disclose that I am writing neutrally about the President’s first 100 days in office, because I am not a member of any political party in or outside Tanzania, and I am not about to seek any such membership.

In the President’s speech on Law Day, February 4, 2016, he referred to, among other things, Tanzania Kwanza (Tanzania First); Kupanga ni kuchagua (Planning is choosing); the country has got everything to entitle Tanzania to be a donor country.

On the other hand, the President also, among other things,to: yanayofanyika ndani yaserikali ni yaajabu sana (what is happening in the government is very execrable); nchi imeingiliwa na virusi vingi (many viruses have invaded the country); matajiri wana mbinu nyingi za kuchezea rushwa (the rich have several corrupt ways of using their money),etc.

Before the advent of the President, Tanzania was in the throes of despair and riotous slumber. She only needed striking a match to her, so to speak.

Let us consider some examples. There is the question of the retired Judge Warioba’s November 1996, 521-page, report on Corruption in Tanzania.

The Report consisted of 6 chapters detailing reasons for corruption or Rushwa existing then and recommending remedial measures.

On pages 5,7 and 9 of the report, businessmen were pointed out as being among the main causes of corruption. And, on page 20 paragraph 35, another main cause is the gap between the rich and the poor.

For 19 years now, Tanzania has not appreciably implemented that report.

The next is the antecedent question of Tanzanite. It is undisputable that Tanzania is the only origin of Tanzanite in the whole world. It was discovered in 1967.

That was 6 years after Tanzania’s independence on December 9, 1961. However, the current exporters of Tanzanite are, in descending order: India, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania (4th). Pagans are likely to assert that Tanzania has been bewitched!

Also, there is the illegal exportation from Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro International Airportof over 100 live animals of 14 different types including 4 giraffes (national symbols).

They were exported on November 26, 2010, in a foreign military aircraft-while Tanzania slept and snored! The animals were valued approximately at 170 million Tanzanian shillings.

And, in recent years, Tanzania sat on foreign untrue reports that Mt Kilimanjaro is situated in Kenya!

Further, the President has shown himself to be a practitioner of what he preaches.

He has, for instance, visited the Muhimbili National Hospital where he resuscitated medical work discipline throughout Tanzania, and ordered the swift repair of medical equipment which had stood inoperable for two months at that Hospital. The equipment included MRI and CT-SCAN for diagnostic purposes.

Also, he cancelled the celebrations, on December 9, 2015, in memory of Tanzania’s Independence on December 9, 1961, and replaced them with a national clean-up day to stem the tide of rampant cholera. He personally took part in the exercise.

Most Tanzanians erroneously think the first priority of a human being is education. I flatly say No. The foundation of all human success, common in the animal kingdom, is good health. So, a human being needs good health facilities propped up by life insurance.

Hence, the President has rightly embarked upon the methods of ensuring good health for the nation. In any case, the President has provided for free education. We should now consider the obstacles on the President’s path for national development.

It was reported that the President is burdened with 69 personal promises made by his Predecessor which are unfulfilled and incapable of fulfillment.

These relate to Tanzania’s 31 different geographical areas: Arusha, Babati, Bukoba, Bunda, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Geita ,Ifunda, Igunga, Iringa, Kibaha, Kagera, Longido, Magu, Makete, Manyara, Mbeya, Mbulu, Morogoro, Musoma, Ngorongoro, Mtwara, Mwanza, Pemba, Rukwa, Ruvuma, Same, Shinyanga,Songea, Tabora and Tanga.

And, between November 5 and December 20, 2015, certain Newspaper headings have disclosed other obstacles facing the President as follows: Magufuli ‘avutana’ nawabunge wake (Magufuli in ‘tug-of-war’ with his members of parliament);

Magufuli kunyimwa trilioni 102 za MCC (1.02trn/- of MMC to be withheld from Magufuli); Magufuli, JK wagombanishwa (Bad blood being instigated between JK and Magufuli); Ulaji wa wabunge wafyekwa-RaisMagufuli aagiza wangolewe kwenye bodi za mashirika ya umma (Emoluments of members of parliament slashed-President Magufuli orders that they be dislodged from Boards of public institutions); JK mzigo kwa RaisMagufuli ( JK is a burden to President Magufuli); Magufuli afyeka wateule wa JK (Magufuli dislodges the chosen ones of JK); JK kiwewe, kazi ya Magufuli yamtisha, ajitokeza kuitetea familia yake (JK hysterical, Magufuli’s work frightens him, he comes out to defend his family), etc. The translation in brackets is mine.

Regarding the difficulties besetting his business, the President has been heard to admit “Nakiona cha moto” ( I deal with fiery situations), to assure Tanzanians that he believes in God, and to request Tanzanians to pray for him.

Some of the difficulties are comparable to approaching six basins of meat being guarded by six adult dogs, with the intention of taking meat from the basins. The president has recovered huge tax arrears, terminated the employment of Tanzania’s self-appointed demi-gods, fought against economic sabotage with unflinching vigour, teaching Tanzanians throughout that heaven should not be taken to exist only on this side of the grave.

In fact, CCM should most thankfully realize that without Magufuli, CCM would probably have disintegrated. I dare say that President Magufuli, untrammeled by membership of any political party, would be the right material for a private candidate (Mgombea binafsi) in case Tanzania’s legislation was amended to accommodate private candidates for the posts of, at least, President of Tanzania and Member of Parliament.

In the circumstances, the well being of Tanzania lies in prayers by Tanzanians to God-the-Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen- so that He may propel President Dr John Pombe Joseph Magufuli into vim, vigour and vitality.

Also, please pray for me. I have been practising law continuously for very nearly 47 years now and I am aged 73 years.

N. Rweyemamu
Senior Advocate
Mob:0784 312 623