Makufuli: get “shamba” rid of monkeys

13Mar 2016
Nkwazi Mhango
Guardian On Sunday
Makufuli: get “shamba” rid of monkeys

President Joni Makufuli was recently quoted as saying that this hunk, ruled by termites and hyenas for over 30 years, has been turned into shamba la bibi with monkeys freely doing business. Essentially, Makufuli was more of complaining than telling the real situation.

Heartbroken as he seemed, he too seemed worried due to those he said were trying to sabotage his efforts to cleanse this hunk. He, therefore, asked boozers to pray for him so that he can do this job he called hard and tricky.

First, indeed, Bongo’s been shamba la bibi from the day Mwl JK Mchonga threw towel in up to the day Makufuli was sworn in.

Arguably, all previous regimes, except the first phase, were presided over by greedy, visionless and selfish dudes full of myopia and devoid of patriotism.

To avoid generalization and victimization, we’ll adduce some evidence. Remember Ruksa philosophy under Mzee Ally Hass Mwinyi? Refer to how it gave birth to the Loliondo scandal in which the park was sold to one poacher from the Gulf.

So, too, remember how people were using memos from the high office to secure loans for daladala and plots.

Then, there came Ben Mkapa with his Transparency and Truth that turned up to be antithesis. Refer to scams such as EPA that was designed to raise dosh that enabled Mkapa’s successor to bribe voters and rig elections. Go a mile ahead.

Remember defective presidential jet and radar scams? Wait! There are many more. Remember how the then NBC was felled and thereafter vended to Boers?

There’s still more. Remember Kiwira scandal in which Mkapa, family, in-laws and friends acquired this public utility?

After Mkapa there came Jake Kikwete who’s outdone all of his predecessors vis-à-vis making our hunk shamba la bibi.

Under Jake, the hunk’s on autopilot or was driving itself without even the autopilot. He globetrotted so as to be given a moniker Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese thug who circumnavigated the world looking for colonies and societies to rob.

Kikwete’ll always be remembered for being the president who presided over unnecessarily big and do-nothing government that’s famous for condoning and partaking graft; and being made of friends, courtiers, bum lickers and whatnot.

Second, given that Makufuli asked for it, why complain after getting it? Why can’t he use presidential powers to thwart those sabotaging his efforts? If his predecessors used the same power to mess, why doesn’t he use the same to cleanse? It is that simple.

Stop complaining and start charging the villains even if they’re big and connected sharks even friends and mentors.

Makufuli said that he won’t look a monkey in eyes. So be it. Again, why doesn’t descend on them first; and talk later; to make sure that he doesn’t alert them to sabotage him?

The history of how Bongo became grandma’s farm is long. It covers thirty years of thuggery under the three phases namely the second, third and fourth. Given that Makufuli now knows everything, vis-à-vis the dangers those benefiting from shamba la bibi pose, complexity and hardship of the job, he needs to pounce first and talk later.

Why disclosing his plans and steps he wants to take against them while he knows they can make use of them to harm or stop him? Kick their asses. Due to all these dangers Makufuli asked boozers to pray for him.

They may pray. Importantly, Makufuli must know that not all boozers are clean enough for their prayers to be heard. So, too, when it comes to prayers, sometimes, some are not answered or answered lately.

Some of those Makufuli is asking to pray for him are the same criminals he’s now cleansing and purging. If they can pray for him, they may want him to croak but not to get rid of them.

Maybe, Makufuli has been deceived by the mushrooming churches and mosques in the hunk. We’ve already seen them pretending to pray for the hunk.

Again, where were they when it was turned into grandma’s farm? Essentially, what he needs is not prayers but seriousness, transparency and steadfastness in curbing monkeys that have turned our hunk into shamba la bibi.

In sum, we’d advise him to stop disclosing his plans about curbing graft. So, too, he must use his security and intelligence to keep himself safe instead of banking on prayers. He needs to know those who congregate to his table. Some of them are his enemies.

He needs to tell those who backed him, the same way he told the heads of East African Community, that they made a great mistake to nominate him back him while they’re dirty.

If truly Makufuli wants to cleanse the hunk, he must start with those who turned it into grandma’s farm. For, it is their incompetence and greed that sunk our hunk. He knows them; and they know. We know them. And they know themselves.