Why its important to use natural hair care products

17Aug 2020
Rahma Kisilwa
The Guardian
Why its important to use natural hair care products

Using both natural and organic ingredients are becoming more and more popular every day in the beauty industry. There are good reasons why too.

Irene Dismass

Plenty of people are making the switch, and a lot of different companies are rebranding their image to include using natural products, whether it’s makeup, skin care lotions, or hair products. This change is great because natural products are better for the environment and they’re better for you. After all, things found in nature are much stronger than anything that’s been made by man. Make the switch to natural hair products today.


Hair is Organic Material

Our hair is organic and needs nourishment the same way that our bodies need food in order to stay vibrant and vitalized. Hair products go directly on the scalp and then into the hair shaft. The main purposes are to strengthen hair and promote growth. For those who are unfortunate to be already losing their hair, it will reduce the rate at which strands begin falling off. There are many other reasons to make the switch.


Natural Shampoo and Conditioner

If you’re worried about the use of chemicals as you learn more about them, you’re not alone, and your worries are valid. A lot of hair cosmetics consist of chemicals that will have negative side effects on your body. Some can trigger allergies, cause the skin to change color, and even cause your hair to start falling out! Many of these problems can be prevented if you decide to switch to shampoo and conditioner that’s made from all-natural ingredients. There are great products that are available for use, made from ingredients like fruits and juice extracts.

Natural shampoo and conditioners will combat any hair problems you might have. Some will increase the rate that your hair grows, some are meant for babies that smell great, and all of them are chemical free.


It’s Better for Your Health

Natural hair care products can contain antioxidants. These will help your body to get rid of free radicals. There are a lot of chemicals that are constantly being released into your hair. These can have negative effects on skin and hair alike; they destroy a cell and then move onto the next one. Antioxidants that are in natural hair products can include Vitamin E, which is very powerful. The following reasons are some examples of why you might choose natural hair products.


Choosing Natural Shampoos

When you get ready to choose your natural shampoo, make sure you read the label. It should never contain more than nine ingredients. If it contains more, it is more likely to have harmful synthetic ingredients. Some products state that they’re organic, but this isn’t always true. Try to find the following natural ingredients.

* Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera: These are known to stimulate the growth of hair by keeping your scalp moisturized.

* Organic Shea Butter: This will enhance the natural color and shine of your hair.

* Beta Glucan: This has immune-enhancing qualities that will start soothing your irritated skin cells.

* Organic Tea Tree Oil: This contains antiseptic properties that will help maintain the health of your skin by preventing any skin irritants.

Keeping your hair beautiful, thick, and healthy is important. With natural hair care products, there are many different varieties that you can choose from. Make sure you do your research and pick out an option that’s going to be best for your hair: whether it’s already thick, whether it’s thinning, whether you’re losing hair, or whether you’re trying for a more voluminous and stronger look.

There are many reasons you should look for natural hair care products instead of choosing synthesized, artificial options. There are also many places you can buy them. If you care about your hair and want to promote hair growth while decreasing the number of chemicals that go into your hair, then you should look into purchasing more natural options. You won’t be disappointed.