Why your set goals will define your life path and lifestyle

21May 2017
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Why your set goals will define your life path and lifestyle

WAKING up everyday and doing what we always do is something that the human race has been doing over and over again since time immemorial.

WAKING up everyday and doing what we always do is something that the human race has been doing over and over again since time immemorial.

Looking at the system and today’s lifestyle, I have come to conclude that we have programmed our minds to believe and follow what everybody else out there is doing. We subconsciously wake up and follow the routine without questioning.

We have come to believe that when a child is born he or she grows up, goes to school, graduates, gets married, starts a family, makes a living and then dies. This is a cycle that we have created for ourselves and believe that it’s the only way to live and the only way designed for the human race. We operate within this cycle.

Due to this belief we find ourselves creating habits that we have to fit into the life cycle, without knowing that we are meant not to just fit in but to take control of every situation.

Take an example of people who go to work, the employed ones. Their daily routine is waking up early, getting ready, jumping into a car or bus or train, getting to work, taking lunch or a break, back to work once time is up, rushing home and getting ready for the following day.

When they wake up the next morning they go through the very same routine. They work around the same routine over and over throughout their lives - and we advise and teach our children to do the same.

Now my question is - have you ever stopped and thought for a minute or askedyourself: is that what life is all about? Does life have a different meaning? Can life be approached from a different angle?

I know you might say that, but that’s what everybody else is doing!! I say yes, but is that the right way to approach life? Have you ever asked yourself who you are becoming by following everybody else?

I understand that it’s not an easy task figuring out life, and you can always follow others, but just in the process of finding yourself. You have to learn from others but never become them.

In this process you have to ask yourself - who am I? Why am I on this planet? What should I do as my contribution to the human race? How should I do it? And why? These are the key questions that once you ask yourself and be able to answer them correctly will lead you to living a life of significance.

See what you have to understand is by following the masses or what everybody else is doing you are simply limiting your greatness. You are not being you and what you were created to be.

Here is what you have to understand: we are equal before the Lord but we are created for different tasks and your assignment is not similar to other people’s assignments. So, it requires you to sometimes step out of the masses and follow your own path in order for you to be able to achieve your assignment.

You can never get different results doing the same thing that you have been doing over and over again you can never get a different result doing whatever others have been doing. You need to change your strategies you need to take a different approach. In order for you to create the results you want you have got to change yourself first.

Many people find themselves into similar situations, similar difficulties and they wonder why, they are puzzled and start blaming and complaining why it happens to them.

When you look at the problems that are facing the world today, let’s take the problem of unemployment, for instance. Unemployment is not a song that is being sung only in our country or continent. It is a song being sung all over the world. In finding the reason why we have such a high level of unemployment in the world I have come to realize that our education system is designed to prepare students to be employed and not to deploy themselves.

In other words, they are not prepared to organize themselves into creating opportunities for themselves. We are prepared to go out there and work for other people but in the real sense if we changed the approach we could be able to solve this problem.

Our systems and lifestyles are designed in a way that we don’t want to step out of our comfort zone, we don’t want to stretch ourselves, we have to conform to our systems and yet we seek great achievements.

We are not ready to try to do something differently; we don’t like to be troubled; we like playing it safe by going by what we have learned in school, not knowing that our education systems are designed to limit our capacities.

We have so much ability, we are born with greatness and we always want more and the only way to achieve that is to now stop following the masses and think for a minute and figure another way to approach life.

This is what everybody has to understand, who and what you are today is a result of what you have been and been doing in the past and in order for your future to change you have to change from now on.

Step out of the masses align yourself with great people, learn from them and believe in yourself and somewhere along the way you will identify your greatness as it lies in your DNA.

However, you have to be ready to encounter lots of opposition. People will think you are insane just to go against the current; they will discourage you; disappoint you; talk behind your back. But whatever happens don’t lose your focus because at the end of the day the hands that threw stones at you will be the same hands that will clap for you.

So stop, think and take action, for the best version of you is waiting for you on the other side.

Eliana Mwibari is a Tanzanian business woman, motivational speaker and author. Can be reached through Email: [email protected]  +255 745 83 49 56