Dar's Afro band ushers New Year tonight in Z'bar

04Jan 2016
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Dar's Afro band ushers New Year tonight in Z'bar

MUSICIANS in Tanzania must diversify to represent the country’s rich and diverse culture, Jane Mary Suraphel, the Lead singer and manager of Afro band has urged.

Speaking to The Guardian mid this week in Dar es Salaam, the talented and experienced singer said; “this is partly why Afro Band is going to perform this major show to welcome the New Year in Zanzibar.”

“I don’t want my band to be isolated to the mainland only...I think musicians should embrace the island vibe as well,” she said.
“This will be our first show on the island but we hope to come back and do more,” added the musician cum businesswoman.

The singer and songwriter went on to detail that musicians in the country have become very rigid as most focus only on the young generation genres of R and B and Hip Hop.

“There are numerous genres to be explored,” she said.
“There is no reason whatsoever why we should all be rap artists or R and B singers,” the experienced vocalist said.

Coming from a choir back ground, Suraphel is a dynamic vocalist with profound control of the music scale capable of hitting the high notes and mellowing down to softer deep treble. Having had extensive experience with bands before starting her own, Afro Band, she also has an outstanding stage performance.

“There is a lot young musicians need to learn in terms of vocalising their tunes and even writing,” she said noting that writing lyrics is only a small part of the process and that the bigger chunk of the task is in creating melody for the lyrics.

“Music is all about melody....even if you don’t know the language a certain song is performed in, as long as you like the melody then you enjoy the music and you can even sing along,” she said.

She went on to emphasize that music should embrace and represent various cultural and traditional activities as well as the economic and political spheres.

“Our music should showcase our lives, there is a time for planting and a time for harvest and we traditionally had music to fit each season,” said the singer-songwriter.

Summing up, she urged musicians to be self-reliant and not be solely dependent on their bands or managers but to also be creative and business oriented. She did not specify where in Zanzibar the grand New Year show will be hosted but promised a memorable night to usher a prosperous new year.