Dodoma gets over Sh 500 million for free education.

16Jan 2016
The Guardian Reporter
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Dodoma gets over Sh 500 million for free education.

The government has disbursed over Sh 500million for free primary and secondary education in Dodoma region, the Regional Commissioner (RC), Chiku Gallawa, has confirmed.

The Regional Commissioner (RC), Chiku Gallawa

Speaking at an education stakeholder meeting here this week, she said of the total amount Sh244,089,000 has been allocated for primary schools while Sh 214,264,000 is for capitation and other expenses and Sh 29,825,000 is for food.

She added that the region received a total of Sh 340,235,000 for secondary schools whereby Sh 143,116,000 is for food in boarding schools and Sh 85,755,000 for day schools while Sh 88,888,000 is for operational costs.

“Our region has received a total of Sh 584,324,000 to fund the free primary and secondary education, a government initiation to reduce education burden to parents,” she said, urging the stakeholders to support the government programme.

She however took issue with the region’s dismal performance in both primary and secondary national examinations.

She challenged the meeting to look for a solution to the undesirable failures in the national examination rankings.

Dodoma region was ranked 24 out 25 regions in the 2015 primary national examinations and position 19 in out of 25 regions in the last year’s secondary examination results.

“This is a great shame to the region which host the capital city and the national assembly” remarked the RC.

Addressing the same meeting, Regional Education Officer, Juma Kaponda said education officers in the region need to pull up their socks in effort to get better results in the coming examinations.

He challenged them to strongly support the free education plan and take stern measures on any one likely to make it fail by failing to implement government directives.

“It is upon you to ensure the government’s free education plan is well implemented and whoever does not comply will face the music” he said.

He urged them to look at possibility of having more classrooms in schools since more students are likely to enroll this year.

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