Africa should focus on research to address water challenges

20Jul 2016
The Guardian
Africa should focus on research to address water challenges

AFRICAN nations have been challenged to direct their focal point on the numerous results of scientific analysis to underpin the solutions of the challenges going through the water sector on the continent.

Throughout the 6th Africa Water Week which commenced this week will be followed by the 10th African ministers council on water (AMCOW) basic assembly.

Themed ‘Attaining the Sustainable Development Intention (SGD) on Water Safety and Sanitation, the convention drew members from across Africa to discuss and mutually in finding sustainable solutions regarding water security management and sanitation in the continent.

This is why each year, the World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater. Under the theme ‘Water and Jobs’, the year 2016 provides an important opportunity to consolidate and build upon the previous World Water Days to highlight the two-way relationship between water and the decent work agenda in the quest for sustainable development.

UN-Water supports the World Water Day campaign and sets the theme each year. At the World Water Week 2014, UN-Water presents the plan for the World Water Day 2016 campaign, which is coordinated by ILO with the support of other UN-water members and partners.

For the same reason researchers within the associated sectors in Tanzania, Africa and beyond to have been challenged to boost and lead innovative research efforts that might immediately contribute to achieving sustainable building goal on water.

The 6th Africa Water Week bargains a possibility for cooperation among public and private sectors, researchers and building companions to talk about and jointly in finding sustainable solutions regarding water safety management and sanitation in the continent .

Africa wants to deal with the daunting problem on scarcity and gaps in human resource and capital funding if is to reach significant cooperation and the SDG quantity six.

The Africa continent has the best possible selection of trans-boundary river basins that together duvet 64 per cent of Africa’s floor space and include over 93 per cent of its floor water instruments.

The necessity for co-operation in managing water resources as the important element to achieve SGD number six. It is for this reason that Tanzania has positioned priority on water sector with the aid of allocating 1tril/- in bettering water access.

African nations had set the target of guaranteeing that the entire countries have access to water with the aid of 2030 but Tanzania has set out methods to make sure that the target is achieved 100 per cent by 2025.

Former Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki who is UNESCO’s Special Envoy for Water in Africa stated that water availability and administration are a very powerful for human existence but its availability has been the biggest problem in Africa.

Africa contains of 18 per cent of the arena population however it has only 9 per cent of contemporary water sources while Africa is the 2nd driest continent after Australia.

It is therefore upon governments, civil societies and full population to undertake course of action to spare the continent from additional depreciation of water.

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