Building structures for informal business community good idea

25Mar 2016
The Guardian
Building structures for informal business community good idea

THE announcement by the Deputy Minister, in the Prime Minister’s Office, Responsible for Labour, Youth and Empowerment, Anthony Mavunde that municipal governments in the country should provide individuals with special areas to conduct their businesses peacefully is welcome.

We often witness individuals, mostly street vendors being chased out of the streets as they tout their products and at times engaging in running battles with the police.

The end result of the battles is confiscation of their goods by the city militia and demolition of the make shift huts belonging to the vendors.

This, to say the least, does not augur well for a country which wants its citizens to thrive through employing themselves in small businesses.

Dar es Salaam has been described as a leading city with a big number of people who are unemployed compared to other cities in the country.

It is estimated that 21.5 per cent of the people in Dar es salaam are unemployed compared to 9.9 per cent in other cities.

According to Mavunde, Dar es salaam rate indicates that the number of unemployed people is shooting up due to the increasing number of university and college graduates.

The challenge of unemployment in Dar es Salaam is immense compared to other cities in the country as many people are unemployed.

He explained that 32.2 per cent of women in Dar es salaam are unemployed contrary to 11.3 per cent of men and 12.5 of women in other cities.

The deputy minister pointed out that 64.6 per cent of households in Dar es salaam are working in informal sector compared to 56.9 per cent in other cities and 31.5 per cent in rural areas.

The challenge of unemployment is also contributed by lack of formal areas where people can settle and conduct their businesses peacefully.

This brings the necessity of making structures to enable individuals to do businesses for self employment.

Yes, unemployment is a global problem, but as Tanzanians we must seek out ways to mae sure that we have a working population by putting in place an enabling environment for it to happen.

And the Deputy minister Mavunde has set the ball rolling.

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