Continental basketball competitions should be priority for Tanzania t

03Jul 2017
The Guardian
Continental basketball competitions should be priority for Tanzania t

DAR ES SALAAM basketball outfits, JKT and Savio, are set to represent Tanzania in this year's Africa Zone V Club Championship slated take place in Kampala October.


The two clubs will feature in both men and women categories of the continental event.

With the two outfits having already enjoyed enormous success in the sport at the domestic level, they will be under pressure to prove their worth at a more competitive level of the sport.

It is our hope the clubs will train intensively with a view to seeing to it that they excel in the championship.The four outfit should not dream of holding their own against the rest of the teams in the Kampala competition, should the former not embark on better preparations for the event.

It should, though, be noted that basketball stakeholders in Tanzania should not expected much from JKT and Savio in the continental event, in the state of the sport in the country is anything to go by.It should be noted there are no well-organized tournaments that can produce strong outfits, which can perform well in major competitions.

Domestic basketball governing bodies still struggle to access financial support that can help them not only host competitions smoothly but also boost competitiveness.

Participating outfits in the national basketball club championship, for instance, are forced to meet participation costs and the event, in the end, involve few teams given most of the clubs do not have financial support that guarantee them take part in the events regularly.

The presence of few teams in the competition, which sees the winners represent the country in club competition at the continental level, affect competitiveness in the domestic even.

Domestic basketball stakeholders should feel obliged to join forces with the national basketball governing body and lobby for financial support for the competition with a view to attract more teams and boost competitiveness.

A well-organized national basketball club championship can obviously produce strong teams that can eventually make their presence felt in the Africa Zone V championship.

There is also need for domestic basketball clubs to seriously invest in junior development program, should the country produce teams that can go all the way and lay their hands on the top honour in the continental club competitions.

Extremely few basketball outfits in the country are, presently, active in identifying and grooming junior players, a trend that certainly slows down the game’s progress.

Efforts should be done to motivate each of the domestic basketball teams to identify and groom youngsters, who will, in future, help the teams excel in major competitions at the continental level.

Domestic basketball stakeholders should, moreover, focus on improving basketball facilities to raise the standard of the game.

The National Indoor Stadium, a venue the national basketball governing body relies the most when it comes to organizing major domestic competitions, for instance, is in poor state and the venue is, therefore, not worth of hosting major continental events..

The Dar es Salaam authorities recently promised to renovate the venue and we expect the authorities will fulfil the promise.

Better facilities are a must if the national basketball governing body is to secure opportunity to organize major continental competitions, which will, in turn, play a crucial role in promoting the game domestically.

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