A milestone in ensuring women's right

10Mar 2017
The Guardian
A milestone in ensuring women's right

MARCH 8 has a matchless significance in acknowledging women's struggle and triumph over gender-based right violations, social-economic, political and cultural benefits.

Apart from applauding past heroines' deeds and creating awareness, the day has also created a platform to recognise, strengthen and mobilise support for women' rights and participation in the political and economic arena.

Most importantly, the day is a time to reflect on improvements made, to make a call for change and to overcome poverty and to showcase convictions made by women, who played amazing role in the history of their respective countries. "This year, we marked the day with the theme; "The enhancement of women's saving culture is the foundation for our renaissance."

Yet, globally, very few women have played a significant role in socio-economic and political activities. Confronting traditional and cultural barriers women have become role-models for other members of the fair sex facing challenges.

Tanzania today has locked horns with poverty not colonialism. Hence, ensuring women's rights will lend a hand to the move of fostering economic development. Although the magnitude and nature of women rights violation differ from culture to culture and country to country, the discrimination suffered by Tanzanian women was deep-rooted and more unjust. The conspiracy of poverty with the above problems had led women's case go from the fraying pan to the fire.

Upholding women's rights and their role in the nation's economic development and democratisation process, the government has taken a range of constructive measures such as putting and formulating laws, policies and strategies in the country's constitution.

It has endorsed legal frameworks, women policies and other protections. Besides, it has established women-focused ministry and carried out various affirmative actions to facilitate women's equal economic benefit.

With regard to women rights, uninterruptedly, remarkable success stories have been registered in various economic social and political participation, among other interventions.

Yes, capacitating and empowering women and also allowing them exercise leadership and bringing attitudinal changes are not enough guarantees in ensuring their rights. They are also key stimulants in fostering nation's economic development and equal job opportunities.

Outstandingly, women involvement in education has been mounting as the government sees education as an important key strategy for social and economic development. Besides, currently many women are deployed in ministerial and at state ministerial levels.

But it does not mean they are equally sharing responsibilities and job opportunities due to previous gaps.

However, women's role in the health sector has contributed a miraculous leap. They are discharging professional duties in the rural and urban areas of the nation.

They have been trained and sent out to rural areas to serve all especially women. They have greatly contributed in reducing maternal and infant mortality rates in the nation.

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