Need to get rid of stadiums vandals

14Mar 2016
The Guardian
Need to get rid of stadiums vandals

VIOLENT behaviour looks to be persistent at our sports venues particularly soccer stadiums when rival teams clash in the ongoing Mainland premiership.

A number of seats and other fittings were destroyed when Young Africans clashed against Azam a fortnight ago. The extent of damage is surely known by the relevant authorities but has not been made public.

However big or small, we still don’t need any sort of destruction of our sports infrastructures that had cost us resources to install. Very surprising that police who were entrusted to curb such incidents once they happen, took long time to react during the occasion.

Most of them were highly obsessed of following up the action-packed match instead of performing their duties. Normally a cut is made for every amount of gate collection to cover for security and safety of infrastructures in the stadium during a football match.

Though police reacted later on that day, the extent of damage would have been low had they been quick enough to control the situation instantly.

Actually rowdy fans are known and are the ones who repeat these undesirable acts of hoganilism to spoil peace and harmony in and outside the stadiums.

The National Stadium which is our football monument for the country build with huge amount of funds, must be protected from damage of any sort if we want to enjoy soccer. Besides the violence that has always been created by rowdy fans, other unscrupulous people have been engaged in destruction of fittings and fixtures especially the wash rooms’ hardwires and water flowing systems.

The stadium walls have been painted all names you know about international soccer stars with a various colours. Hardly ten years after its construction, had the National Stadium quickly dilapidated to need huge amount of funds for its refurbishment.

Breaking the seats has been an ordinary episode and order of the day whenever fans clash against each other for best reasons known to themselves. This is a time when police should take bold measures against the culprits, need be collection of fingerprints. Mere fines cannot resolve the problem on permanent basis.

However, the duty to protect these facilities in stadiums should not only be left to police authorities only. Fans who gain access into the stadium ought in one way or another take part in protecting these facilities.

If joint efforts are taken, we can together eradicate or completely forget soccer violence and vandalism inside the stadiums in order to maintain and safeguard them.

It’s time we have to think of other measures to develop the country’s soccer and other relevant sports and issues that dent the development of sports in this country.

The same amount of funds we used to construct the National Stadium over a decade ago, given now we still cannot build a stadium of the same capacity and quality. There is a need for every soccer fan who goes into the National Stadium to realise and value efforts taken by the government to put up such a structure. However, part of the construction fund was obtained through our own paid taxes!