In our country peace is in everyone's interest

07Mar 2018
The Guardian
In our country peace is in everyone's interest

WHILE good things are happening in the country in the economic sphere, yet, whatever the case might be, the legitimate questions behind the public's grievances should not go as far as causing human casualties. In fact, there comes no solution with no peace.

  There is a growing demand for more economic equality and development. While the people continue to put more pressure on the government to reform itself and respond to their demands, the government on the other hand has already taken various measures.

However, the government's corrective measures to meet the public's demands only come to bear fruit when peace is maintained. And again, it will require the contribution of everyone to ensure peace and stability as the value extends above one individual's well being. For different ideas and perspectives to be entertained, peace must be upheld. On the other hand, absence of peace knocks the door of everyone.

As the country continue to make attempts to bring change and respond to the peoples' demands, the value of peace has become precious than ever. Peace has national value because it is in everyone's interest. In fact, it is a lot easier to understand the essence of peace as a country. Peace is in fact less defined in theory but more valued in practice.

In this regard, it is not only the government or the police force that should safeguard the peace of the country. It is rather the responsibility of every section of society. Particularly religious fathers that occupy special place in the hearts of the society should play a central role in the quest to ensure lasting peace and stability.

 Religious fathers should preach about narrowing down differences, thus contributing to the development of mutual respect and tolerance. Peace is not something that one should bargain on. The government should also intensify the narratives of living together and working together to a common good. For that to happen, the government and religious institutions have been holding series of discussions.

 Though there are different sources of public complaints, important steps should be observed in relation to the government's corrective measures. We are hopeful that the government will continue to respond to the public's demands step by step.

 It’s right time to put differences aside and preach about peace and stability. While ensuring peace, the government and other political parties should find the way to work closely to find solutions to the pressing issues. Educating the youth, developing sense of patriotism, treating every citizen equally and achieving economic growth are the priorities that should be given in this regard.

On the other hand, the government should do its level best and take appropriate measures to find political solution for political questions. Every citizen should come to round table and reflect their perspectives as what should be done for the good of the country.

The public must be rational and peaceful on its quest and demand to ensure democracy and good governance and any movement that involves hostility should be repudiated in whatever condition. Causes of the grievances should only be addressed through peaceful means.

 The government has to give immediate response to the public's complaints. The government is aware of its shortcomings; hence it needs to act swiftly more than ever. It has not been able to fully meet its promises to address malpractices and other challenges.

Creating jobs for the youth, equal wealth distribution, and national dialogue are part of the solutions. Though these matters have been dealt with, the delay in the implementation is also leading to public grievances.  Political parties, government, scholars, elderly and other section of society should make vibrant participation to address the challenges of the country.

With the participation of the people, the country has been able to register positive changes in terms of economic and social development, but much remains to be done to promote broad-based wealth distribution and ensure fairness and justice. In this regard, it is the responsibility of everyone to make it happen in short time possible. Promoting good governance, ensuring justice and fairness, widening political and media freedom are among the remedies which the nation should do to maintain its peace and stability and sustain development.