We should guard our peace and stability

23Jun 2016
The Guardian
We should guard our peace and stability

WITH characteristic panache typical of his truth-telling nature several members in the National Assembly have recently made a plea to all Tanzanians to jealously guard our peace, stability and security.

It is the duty and responsibility of our National Assembly members to give a dose of reality check to our state of health as a nation, as our elected and nominated representatives.

And, despite the best efforts of our authorities to keep the state of our union strong, there are Tanzanians, egged on by mischievous foreign backers, who are bent on lilting the fuse under the state of our Union, hoping for a big explosion.

This is not going to happen. Make no mistake about it: our Tanzanian values of tolerance, decency, respect and reverence to authority and the practical common sense of majority of our people would triumph over false promises peddled by doom-mongers, fear-mongers, who are one of the most dangerous breeds in the world.

Because they are not trusted by the people whose interest they are advancing, nor are they trusted by their own people. In short, they are bunches of loose-cannons, driven by malicious urges.

That is why, with such people - they are many, residing in other countries, fanning the embers of division and hatred - the only effective strategy is to deny them oxygen to pump out their vile, venomous messages. Let us be clear: whipping up people's fear is the highest sense of irresponsibility. Anyone who loves his country won't do such things, which is wishing your country to be in chaos.

The patriotic, responsible thing that citizens do is to effectively engage with their governments in a reasonable, rational way, with a combination of hard-headed commonsense and warm-hearted approach.

It is good that the majority members referenced the neurotically dumb experiment that Egypt, Libya, Syria and Iraq were. With the help of western powers, citizens of those countries destroyed the fabrics of their countries' contours that kept them together like glue. Today, they are regrettably in flames.

We don't need to sound the tocsin of history alarm bells to ring the truth in your ears. Our country is proud to have a government that is working for every Tanzanian.

And, as a country, we have a proud history of peace and stability. Let us maintain that. Our President John Magufuli priorities the peace and sanctity of our country. He embodies real Tanzanian values of forgiveness and compassion.

That is why he forgave numerous prisoners this year. Our peace and stability is key to our progress. Don't listen to fibbers, fake and funk people wishing us harm.